Friday, October 29, 2010

Goin' to Kansas City, Kansas City Here We Come!

A great song by that oldie but a goodie from the '50's by Wilbert Harrison...

That Eldo! He is some driver! Nerves of steel, calm and patient for 5 1/2 hours today while negotiating interstate 29 south from Sioux Falls all the way to the outskirts of Kansas City, Missouri. There was major construction a lot of the way here. I kept myself busy because it makes me VERY nervous to see all those orange cones on my side. For some reason, sometimes those cones intrude w-a-a-a-y into the one lane that's open, the one you are driving. In a car, no problem! In a big RV, it's nerve racking. It's nerve wracking for Eldy to hear me gasp and exclaim how close he is coming to the cones, so now I look down and make sure I am knitting or reading. I don't know why I get nervous,  Eldy's record is perfect--he hasn't wiped out a single orange cone yet! Woo-hoo!  On the way here, we saw a CRAZY set of sculptures on the 24th St bridge over the interstate just by the Omaha exit. It was another one of those, "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?" things...there are four sculptures that frame the bridge and it looks like a tangled wreck of steel, cables and all kinds of junk. We thought the bridge had been mangled and then rebuilt, leaving the original corner pieces all damaged and messed up. Nope, it was "art". I didn't have my camera handy, darn it! But here's one photo from an Omaha photographer, Brad Williams. Each side of the bridge had a similar sculpture on it, for a total of four mixed metal sculptures. I guess there has been more than one wreck blamed on them for distracting the drivers!

We stayed last night in Platte City, MO at the Basswood Country Resort for the great rate of $17.95 tonight, (half off regular rate) courtesy of our Passport America card. The rate is good only on Sundays thru Thursdays, but they have other discounts available. It seems to be a very nice place. They have a great camp store with a wine department (!), clothing and gifts...full hookups, open all year...They make their own pizza (it was great!) on the premises, and deliver it to your site. BUT----The city of Branson calls..Eldy is anxious to get there as there is so much to do! There is an Escapees Park in Branson, Turkey Creek, that is about $100.00 for a WEEK'S stay. The Escapees are a membership group of RVers, anybody can join. You pay a small yearly fee, and get discounts at campgrounds and at their own parks. They also have a place where people who full time RV can go for therapy, kind of like an RVers nursing care facility. (Hmmm...if we stay out on the road long enough full time, we might end up there!) The Escapees Park in Branson is first come, first served so we'll just have to see if we can get in. We did. We plan on spending quite a bit of time in Branson, so we'll stay more than just a couple of days, we think...there's so much to do and see!

P.S. We were "D.O.A." when we got to the Escapees Turkey Creek Campground. Our tow car, the Honda CRV, was totally dead, battery gone south when we arrived. It wasn't two minutes after we got stuck in front of the campground office, that someone right across the way saw we had a dead battery and came over and gave us a jump start. You are supposed to pull a certain fuse every time you tow a Honda CRV but we never do, because the fuses are very difficult to see under the dash and very difficult to remove. Normally, towing about 4-5 hours, the car always starts up when we get stopped. When we parked last night, we didn't unhook the car, so we didn't do our usual running around town with the car, which charges up the battery again. This morning, the car started up, but a little draggy (that was a warning sign I ignored), and then we towed five hours more today without running the car between tows. Towing two days in a row + not running the car = dead battery. Another lesson learned..if you are going to carry a portable battery charger (we do), make sure IT'S charged up. (It wasn't.)  I need lots of repetition to learn my lessons, despite having been a teacher! Hope we don't repeat this lesson! See you tomorrow!

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