Friday, March 8, 2013

What? We've got the Coughin' Crud AGAIN?

Sarasota, FL         High:  72      Low:  46

We're not sure how this is happening, but for 2 1/2 years, neither one of got sick...not a cold, not a sinus infection, we were as healthy as a horse! (if they are really healthy) Now, since we've been in one place for the most time ever, four months, we're guessing there are a WHOLE lot more germs that we are being exposed to. Both of us came down with colds AGAIN, only this time, Sparky has it really light, and Eldy is feeling miserable...Seems to be an upper respiratory infection for Eldy.

Sparky has it so mild she went out and played SIX games of pickleball today....Whew!  Hot tub here we come! Sparky is really lovin' pickleball and so do lots of the ladies who play. They love it so much, they play with artificial knees, one gal with a morphine pump--she has had 18 back surgeries, and many  other ladies have many other assorted physical problems. They really love what pickleball does for you. Sparky loves the fast pace and how it makes her think fast! She thinks her reflexes are getting sharpened by continued play. (We can only hope, says E.) Shush, darlin'....Sparky KNOWS she needs all the help she can get to mentally stay sharp, and pickleball really helps with that. She's mentioned it before, but pickleball is a lot less strenuous than tennis, so there's lots less opportunity to maim yourself on the court! But you still stretch and move so you are getting wonderful exercise.

We didn't do much else today...Eldy laid low and rested....

Not much else to report today other than did you folks who are in Florida see on the news where the GIANT African land snail is making its way to invade the Treasure Coast (the southeastern Atlantic side of Florida)? These look to be the size of softballs! They can carry a parasitic worm that can cause meningitis in humans.  UGH! Apparently the state of Florida spent a million dollars and ten years to try and eradicate this slug, but it's B-A-A-A-C-K!
They eat everything in sight and including stucco on the houses down here in Florida. Stucco seems to be the primary building material covering the cement block house construction here. Yuck! Sparky hates anything slimy.

In the same newscast, they said that this year's mosquito crop is going to be MEGA in size due to the heavy rains last year. Not that the NUMBER is going to be mega, but the SIZE of the mosquitoes are going to be HUGE. It's a good thing we are headed to Colorado this summer! But maybe they are big there, too. There are 75 species of mosquitoes in Florida...We're DOOMED if we stay through the summer, which is probably NOT going to happen...

The things you learn when you are retired! Never knew about all this stuff---we were too busy working! Sparky loves learning new things especially things about nature, even if they are slimy.....

That's it for now...Hopefully, tomorrow, we will be out exploring something new for us if Eldy is feeling better!


  1. That snail is ridiculous! Ugh. Shiver.

    Get well quick, both of you.

    Bob is on his second upper respiratory infection (URI) in a month. So far I have not had it. Yay!

  2. Escargot wow!
    We have been in a few resorts years ago for period of time and always seem ti get some kind of sickness, now when we keep moving we have been doing pretty good.
    Hope you feeling better soon.

  3. The only place we have got to play pickleball is in Mission and then in North Ranch in AZ. We love the game too.

    Now that is one ugly creature!

    Hope you both feel much better today.

  4. You keep inspiring me with the pickleball report. Gotta try it someday. Hope you both have speedy recoveries from the crud.

  5. Holy snail! Did you get to see one? Good luck on a speedy recovery.

  6. Oh gosh I hope they can stop that ugly thing from taking over! Invasion of the Snail People (next horror flick at the cinema?)

    Karen and Steve
    RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  7. Wow that is one big snail. Didn't it give you the willys holding it? Hard to believe they can't kill it but when I would get a snail in my aquarium before I knew it I would have hundreds. I would have to empty it and then use bleach water to get rid of them.

  8. I hadn't heard about the snails, but I sure do recognize that shell, so I guess I've seen them.

    Sorry to hear you're both sick again...seems like you just got over the last round. Al swears by Oil of Oregano for colds, but I haven't had the opportunity to try it.

    Al wants to try pickleball. It seems as addictive as Corn Hole.