Friday, March 29, 2013

Bird Bonanza in the Middle of a Subdivision

Sarasota, FL          High:   71      Low:   47

After we got done looking at houses yesterday, we were driving through the burg of Lakewood Ranch,  don't know if that's an annexed part of Bradenton/Sarasota, or just a huge subdivision/community. Whatever it is, it's the 9th largest master planned community in the country. We were just kind of looking around and WHAM! We saw a TON of white pelicans and other birds in one of the lakes in this community....There are LOTS of lakes in Lakewood Ranch, but these birds were all congregated in ONE small lake today.
"Maybe if I skulk down, they won't see me."
And wood storks....

BUNCHES of wood storks, an endangered species....
And Sparky's favorite Florida bird, the roseate spoonbill--TWO of them, Mom and Dad. AND JACKPOT--their little one! Not so little at this point. Their offspring is on the far right. He doesn't have the ruby red plumage yet.
Here's a better look at the little one....Awwww, isn't he (or she) cute?
"Oh, Great One...Do you have any advice for me?" "Well, sonny, it's like this....."
We saw them flying and landing...
And having conversations with each other....
"Promise you won't look?"
Maybe a tri-colored heron?
A young (?) sandhill crane with beautiful brown plumage....

Fantastic variety of birds today....all hanging out at a little lake in Bradenton/Sarasota....
All doin' their thing.....
What a fantastic day!


  1. WOW...those roseate spoonbills are lovely. You did hit pay dirt today!

  2. You did hit paydirt, and I just ove the colors of the Roseate spoonbill.

  3. Now that would be some neighborhood to live in.