Sunday, March 17, 2013

Artsy Fartsy!

Sarasota, FL         High:  77      Low:   59

Other than a little bit of alarm at the ambulance pulling into the site next to us yesterday afternoon, our day was very quiet today. The neighbor's 89 year old mom who was visiting, had lost consciousness for a few minutes. They took her to the hospital and she's apparently ok now. When an ambulance is called to the park, you hear the sirens right outside the park. When they come in, they come quietly to the site, which is good, because there's probably a lot of calls in the park with so many elderly residents here as is the case in many RV parks in Florida during the winter. That siren would be going off frequently if they ran it in the park!

After a quiet day today of not doing much, we headed over to a really good place for some pizza, Main Street Trattoria in Lakewood Ranch. We sat outside, it was a beautiful day today, watched the people attend the art fair from the cafe tables, and had a great pizza...

We were surprised at how few parking spaces were available, not the usual plenty to choose from. There was an art fair going on! Somehow Sparky missed that in the local readings and newspapers this week!

Sparky LOVES any kind of fair where talent is displayed, whether it's strictly art, or arts and crafts...Today's fair was all about jewelry, sculpture, and paintings....
And stuff that was hard to describe other than funky, modern art...Hm-m-m-mmmmm....Sparky can see why this artist called his line Twisted Dimensions!
There was an artist and avid fisherwoman, Linda Heath, who's art specialty was Gyotaku (gee-oh-tahk-oo), the Japanese art of fishprinting on rice paper. Her artwork was absolutely cool! Every fish print was either something she has caught or her friends have caught. Sparky bought two of her notecards from her, something very affordable at 3.00 a piece.
Cubera Snapper
There was another artist, Brett Miley, who does mandalas, images and writings of endangered species...Loosely speaking, a mandala is a circular design that sort of represents the universe, totality or wholeness in the Hindu and Sanskrit religions...She had photos of endangered species that she used next to her mandalas made from those photos in her booth. Another cool concept and original art design. Her line is called ecoRidge.
And there are, of course, the people to watch....But this show went to the dogs....

We enjoyed walking around and looking at the jewelry, paintings, sculptures and artwork before and after our supper....There's always something to go see and do in Sarasota, that's for sure!

Until tomorrow....


  1. We love a good art show. After being a vendor for years, it is fun to be on the other side of the booth. Those dogs are so dang cute!

  2. That is an appetizing looking pizza.

  3. Lots of ambulances here in AZ also and they do the same thing. I think they don't want to scare the other old people into having heart attacks. lol Those fish prints are amazing.

  4. Awesome pizza. the olives half is for me too!

  5. Even the dogs are "dressed" for St. Patrick's Day! Very sweet.

    I'm glad you stumbled upon the art fair. Art fairs are always fair game for me too. People are so creative!