Monday, March 11, 2013

Talent at Sun 'n' Fun

Sarasota, FL        High:   78      Low:  64

It's amazing  what talented people reside here at Sun 'n' Fun....Some are long term winter residents, others are short term, and a LOT of them were Canadian at the arts show held at Sun 'n' Fun today. When you get a lot of people together, all kinds of cool things happen. Sun 'n' Fun has regular talent shows, murder mysteries, choral group performances, all kinds of stuff. Sparky decided to check out the arts show going on today.....

There was an artist who painted portraits from photos. Doesn't she do good work!?
Lots of talented photographers, fiber artists, and painters...You could buy wonderful art for a very reasonable price if you wanted to today.....

On to the stained glass shop's Open House with prizes being raffled off, like this three dimensional stained glass hanging....
Sparky liked the fish stained glass scene....Sparky would LOVE to take a stained glass class as she has stained glass pieces in storage back in Indiana, but this is not a cheap hobby. She thinks she will just sell the pieces and continue to work on making jewelry. She's having too much fun to add another hobby and more tools and supplies. (WHEW! Sure glad to hear THAT! exclaims Eldy.)

Time to head over to see some talent OUTSIDE the park---Sparky went to visit A Good Yarn yarn shop in Sarasota, on Tamiami Trail, (highway 41). This shop is one of the most incredible yarn and fiber shops Sparky has seen on her travels across the U.S. WOW!

Sparky had never seen so many sock yarns in her life! This is just one small tiny portion of a wall!
Sparky sees some colorways for another mitered squares table mat she needs to add.... :-)

A Good Yarn sells looms,  fiber spinning supplies, and specialty yarns. They sell yarns with colorways inspired by the local beaches and waters of Sarasota and Siesta Key. They have beaded bracelet kits and unique beads to add to your knitting and crocheting projects. They have all kinds of the latest and greatest knitting needles.

They have a big group of knitters that come in and sit and knit the day away...When Sparky comes back to the area, she'd like to join them.
They have cool handmade models of knit and crocheted items gracing the store everywhere.....
Talk about eye candy! You know if you read this blog, that's Sparky's weakness--anything with TONS of color, beads, yarn, craft supplies, it gets her going! She could have spent HOURS and a couple hundred dollars easily, but luckily for her, Eldy was waiting in the car. The less time spent in the store, the less money spent. So out she went, but she'll definitely be back before we leave at the end of the month!

Time to get crafting.....See you later.....

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  1. Yup, I had to put my comments on moderation too. I hate doing it, but the anonymous ones with their links in them were coming in 4 or 5 a day. aRGGHH

    LOVE all the cool stuff! I haul along a table loom, spinning wheel, and LOTS of yarns... plus a sockknitting machine and various finished items to ship out when people buy them from my online store.

    We fiber people can NOT leave our creative stuff behind!

    Karen and Steve
    RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. That first painting of the little boy was amazing. Where do some people get their talent....and why do I have none?

  3. I put my comments on moderation quite a while ago and still get 4-5 a day on older posts, that I can delete anyway. Seems to more and more lately too.

  4. The anonymous comments are getting way out of hand. The other day I got 24 all in one day! A few of them make it to the blog and others end up in Spam, it is a real problem.