Sunday, March 3, 2013


Sarasota, FL      High:  60      Low:   43

Sparky had a LOT of fun at the craft show this morning at Sun 'n' Fun. It was the first one she ever did at the park. They have a craft show the first Saturday of every month from December thru March, and this month was the last one for the park for the season. LOTS of people attend, and there are many, many talented people selling their wares at the show. They fill up a huge banquet hall to have it....Sparky loves talking to people as they stop by, and enjoyed seeing some of her pickleball pals show up today. It was even better to hear that they are returning next winter, because so are we! As far as we know, we will be back here next December through March.

There were beautiful wooden bowls that the fellas make at the wood shop. LOTS of jewelry, towels, cards, and wonderful things made from sterling silver plated tableware..Sparky didn't have a lot of time to go around and take photos this morning. She was too busy setting up....She was up late last night making things at the last minute, feeling like she didn't have enough inventory...It helped! Sparky sold three safety pin bracelets,  two paper bead bracelets, two handknitted pouchy bags, one little knitted owl, three luggage tags/key fobs, and a dozen knitted Easter Eggs, four people pins with the wild, beaded hair, and a few more things.  Yay!
These breast cancer people pins were especially popular....

Maybe this is the start of a new career for Sparky...selling at craft shows...(Now, if she can only recover the cost of her supplies that she keeps going out and getting! sighs E.) And then, there's the problem of finding shows once we get back on the road at the end of this month.  But she has a lot of fun making things, and if she can recoup even a little of her supplies, that's ok....Of course, you ladies know how craft shows are if you are a crafter. One month one thing sells like hotcakes, the next month people aren't interested in that same item. Sparky's got lots of time to make more things for NEXT winter! One of the conversations she had today, was with a fellow crafter, a lady who makes beautiful pine needle baskets. She and Sparky are going to get together soon to help Sparky learn more about making them.

Sparky got lots of ideas today....e-book reader covers, hand exercisers for arthritic hands...One lady bought an Easter egg just to get some exercise squeezing it and it only had polyester stuffing in it!

This afternoon it was off looking at models of houses at the Parade of Homes in Sarasota...The building of new homes seems to be exploding, and the builders are raising prices about every two weeks. Guess we'll just keep looking!  :-)  Sparky is taking photos of home decor just to have a file of things she likes...The homes are decorated so beautifully! Sparky has never had a really pretty, open floor plan kind of house and it's just wonderful to see such open spaces after living in tight quarters for about three years. How about THIS outdoor living area inside a screened in lanai?
Most of the homes are showing wonderful walk in showers...Sparky loved the caramel colored master bathroom in this model...

So, we'll just enjoy ourselves by dreaming and maybe some day, something will guide us to where we will spend our future winters, summers, falls, and springs......

Bye for now......


  1. Hi guys. Love your blog; full of great information. Could you, if time permits, list the communities you are looking at models in so we could look them up on the net. No doubt, there comes a time when you (I,we)have to hang it up and settle down. Sarasota and the surrounding area sure seems like a great place to do that...

  2. Get working on those crafts for next winter, looks like you will be busy.

  3. Glad to hear you had success at your craft sale.

  4. Yea for you Jeannie. So glad the craft show went so well. Did you put your baskets in the sale? I didn't see them on the table. Glad there is another lady there that can help you out with them.

  5. Sounds like a busy, fun week-end!


  6. Next year I bet you will need a larger table !!!!

  7. Good for you! You are having fun making crafts, and if you can sell them, bonus!

  8. Great job Jeannie. SO glad it went well. You will have to send me a picutre of the breast cancer pin so I can see what people think. We are BIG TIME Breast cancer people and I bet I could get you some orders. I think it is so cute. Keep up the great work. Love and miss you.


  9. If I had any talent, I could get into the whole craft thing:)

  10. Glad you had fun and success at the craft show!