Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Short and Sweet Today...

Sarasota, FL     High:  63     Low:   45

We're not talking basic personality/physical traits that Sparky has, we're talking Sparky has run out of steam today. She's plumb out of words....We actually had quite a busy day today...We went to the Manatee Viewing Center in Apollo Beach today and looked around the city of Apollo Beach for awhile then came back home. Sparky finished her knitted mitered squares table mat finally! Sparky is going to put this in her little Etsy shop, JeanBeanGifts which she has just started.

We were scheduled to meet the Laubenthal's--Neil and Connie of Travels with Gunther and Kara for wine/beer/supper this evening, so by the time we got back from the Manatee Center,  and got caught up with some mini errands, it was time to meet them at the poolside bar and grill. The Laubenthal's are here for a week at Sun 'n' Fun.  It's always great to learn more about fellow bloggers. Neil Laubenthal is an ex-submariner guy and THE computer guru when it comes to Windows and Macs. We won't hold it against him that he's an Alabama fan. But there was a dangerous moment where he was going to launch into Notre Dame's shortcomings but wisely decided to head in a different conversational direction, lol. Connie is in the medical field and manages/instructs phlebotomy students along with a lot more technical expertise than what Sparky can remember after a couple glasses of wine. (That's the needle sticking, vein probing technicians we boomers have to deal more and more with when we go to the doctor.) We learned some more interesting things about them but some of it is classified. Heh, heh, heh! Just kidding, Neil! After two glasses of wine and a nice dinner at Pincher's Crab Shack at Lakewood Ranch, Sparky was too tired to write when she got home. She thinks she got too much sun today, too. She didn't have a blog ready to go like she usually does in cases like these....(Sparky, you're slipping! chides E.) He's just kidding... Hey, Neil, what do you charge for email consultations on computer problems? :-)

So-o-o-o-o....We'll have our photos tomorrow of the wonderful manatees at the Center and some information we learned from a great volunteer at the center...The manatees were in the channel in great numbers today after a weather cold spell...

Sparky needs to get to sleep! Nighty-nite, everyone...Hope you had a wonderful day!


  1. You all wore out after a busy day, Take it easy for a bit.

  2. Anxious to see your manatee pics!

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  3. What fun, we are watching different manatees. in different places, at different times together!! If Neil can tell me why my search box on my blog just stopped working and refuses to work no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall it, send me his contact info!! :-)

  4. Jeannie; no worries on computer consulting via email…you get the friend price which is free. It was great getting together with you and Eldo last night, we had a great time. I'll shoot you and email with the names of the apps we talked about last night in case you want to look into any of them…and I'm always available to assist on anything you are having issues with.

    Sherry, leave me your blog address and email over on my blog at http://guntherandkara.com or else Jeannie can email you my email info…I hesitate to just post it publicly because then no matter what you do the darn spammers harvest it somehow and you get more junk email. Mine is probably out there anyway and it likely doesn't matter though.

  5. cant wait to see the manatees pictures! did you know their almost as intelligent as dolphins? amazing creatures!