Thursday, March 21, 2013

1000 and Running....

Sarasota, FL      High:  77      Low:  63

Four days ago Sparky hit a record--she has written ONE THOUSAND posts! Every single day we've been on the road since we started June 18th, 2012. Can't believe it! Thought I'd run out of things to say and be dwindling down to a couple of days a week, if that. Thought for sure when we spent four months in one place, I'd run out of things to say...but I haven't yet.. Still gonna try to keep going with the blog until we come off the road, whenever that might be. There are quiet days and not so quiet days, but it's important to keep the memories alive of every day we have together, so I will keep on writing....Even if some days are a little boring now and then. Even if writing a blog when you don't really have much to say but want to keep things interesting is a little hard now and then...

What's coming up?  A visit to Mote Aquarium, the circus, a folk and acoustic music festival at Oscar Scherer State Park, a blues fest in downtown Sarasota, and lots lots more. Today, we were going to try and get to Mote Aquarium, but because it was raining and the weather quite cool, everybody and their brothers were out driving around, looking like they were headed to the Mote.  The traffic was so backlogged so far back into Armand Circle, that we gave up going to the Mote today. Instead, we kept driving towards Anna Maria Island and Coquina Beach. Coquina Beach is a fabulous beach with squishy soft white sand and just a beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico. This happens to be a sand barrier to protect against erosion.

The park around at the beach is long and has a really wide sidewalk/walking path that seems to run for miles along the beach.

Despite the gray day and off and on rain showers, we saw families out having fun despite the bad weather....
You can park a big RV in the spacious parking lots for the day, but you can't spend the night.

Sparky loves seeing what's at the beach in all kinds of weather, but not being a sunbather, she'd rather go when it's cloudy. There were TONS of birds at the beach, waiting to see what the weather was going to do.
"I'm tellin' ya, I think it's gonna rain."

There were a couple of different kinds of terns today. Sparky knows that some of these are a lesser tern, and some of them are a least tern,  and the black ones with the orange beaks she has no clue, but it was still cool to see so many of them resting on the beach.
"I know it's here somewhere!" says the one bird with the beak down.
Sparky loves the crested feathers that make these birds look like they are having a bad hair day! She thinks the one bird on the right might have a broken wing? Royal terns?
"Honey, can't you do something about your hair? You look like Alfalfa!"
Eldy actually said that to Sparky one morning...  :-) It's the spiky hairdo look, dear. It's supposed to look that way!

And then there is this type of shorebird....The two of them were standing off to one side away from the crowd and looked like they were trying to decide whether to join the group or not...
"I don't know about you, but I'M LEAVING!"

What else did we see? A beautiful Great Blue heron cleaning his feathers....
Such a beautiful, graceful bird....Although they are so very common here in Florida and elsewhere, they are still beautiful to see....

To some, a gray rainy day is ugly, to us, it's beautiful...Florida really needs the rain..They are about 6" below normal for this time of year. We were glad to see and hear the rain come today.....

And the piece de resistance at the end of the day?  DESSERT! How about this salty caramel vanilla cake with buttercream icing, caramel mousse and little crunchies that made it taste a little like caramel butter brickle? (Longhorn Steakhouse, for a limited time only) Which is probably a good thing! Yum!
Bye for now.......


  1. Congratulations! Everyday you There are many days we just don't feel like it. Mostly because we are way to tired from whatever we did that day.

    The caramel vanilla cake looks divine!

  2. Doing a daily post is not always exciting but it is our everyday lives. After 7 years blogging I can still come up with something to post even its nothing more than a picture of our supper.

  3. SEVEN years? OMG, I will never make it that far! :-)

  4. I had to just look...347 posts, over 3 years time. Hmm..not a lot to say :) I had intentions of posting every day, but workamping doesn't always create a lot of blog fodder :)

  5. I have no idea how many posts I've done in the past 3 years. Too many that's for sure. Those are royal terns. good pictures. And that dessert is to die for. Oh my I'd LOVE to taste that.