Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Break at Siesta Key Beach

Sarasota, FL       High:  78     Low:  64

We must have been nuts to head to the drum circle at Siesta Key Beach the first week of spring break for a lot of college kids and school kids, but we hadn't been in awhile. Holey moley! It was the most packed we had ever seen it in the four months we've been here.
Our friends from the park, Edie and Gary, wanted to see the drum circle before they leave in four days, so we met them at Siesta Key and filled them in on the regulars and the not-so-regulars. She's a regular dancer....
And she passes out flowers....Try not to look at the bikinis....
The beat was great as always....
The drummers really enjoy themselves...Of course, they do! They've got lots of women gyrating in barely nothing little jingle skirts in front of them!
He's a regular.....

Sparky loves how friendly they are and how well they interact with the public....The  hoop dancers encourage the young ones to try and hoop, the drummers let the little ones have their hand at drumming...This young man came out of the drumming circle after he saw the little girl bobbing in place to the beat and showed her what he was doing.
Here's a beachgoer we hadn't seen before...
The cops were out in full force...Two officers on horseback at the beach, and two on ATV's also patrolling and watching the college kids....People came prepared to have a good time today...Lots of beer and wine despite the cops being there...and FOOD! Sparky's mouth started watering....Better go find some other subjects to photograph.
This little guy could have cared less what was going on around him.....
And THIS little guy, (must have been Red's brother) was more interested in what he found than the drumming...Can't blame him, pretty cool find!
This little gal really appreciated her mom bringing her to the circle, Sparky thinks!
Everybody had fun this evening...from big people down to little people.

Sparky and Eldo had fun...Our friends had fun...Yes, everybody crowded into the inner circle again, and it was harder to see what was going on this time, but as you can see, Sparky made the best of it. People watching is almost as fun as dancing to the rhythm of the drums!

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  1. Good heavens, is it spring break time already? Your post makes me wish I could have been there, although I normally run from crowds and busy places.

  2. Great people pictures. You really got the feel of the place. Thank you.

  3. Great pictures. I really miss the drumming down the sun. Thanks for taking me back

  4. What fun! We will have to check that out next time we are in the area. Siesta Key is a wonderful beach. You captured some great pictures.

  5. Yes you spring break and the crowds, not so bad where we are and thats just fine.
    Great time again at the beach for you guys.

  6. Thank goodness spring break doesn't come here at the Elks.

  7. What a hoot! I agree....people watching is so entertaining!

  8. Oh my... all those people! Whew....

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard