Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lost a Day in There Somewhere

Sarasota, FL           High:    79     Low:  61

It was such a quiet, boring day today, that we skated through doing not much of anything. It rained a lot so that put the damper on any outdoor activities. Sparky slept in later than normal, so the morning was about gone after having breakfast and reading blogs. Those quiet kind of days are always nice to have now and then...Can't be doing something ALL the time! (Although she tries to have something going on almost every day, says E. And if she doesn't, she really struggles with just sitting and not doing much of anything.) Sparky ALMOST took a break from the blog today, it was so quiet a day. was laundry day....And go buy a new pair of athletic shoes day....And play six games of pickleball this evening day....

(WHAT??? NO photos today????? wonders E.)  OH! I know something we can share. Eldy went to the dog track the other day, the Sarasota Kennel Club...A rather unremarkable experience...It's a greyhound racetrack in Sarasota, and every Friday, it's .50 hot dogs, .50 admission (normally a dollar), and .50 for a beer or a hot dog. It's not the prettiest dog track, it looks very tired and drab inside and out but it's very inexpensive activity to try if you like that sort of thing. Eldy is a once in awhile kind of guy when it comes to something like that. He just wanted to see what it was like. It was ok.

Sparky wants to go see a polo match soon. Yep, Sarasota has POLO matches. On Sundays, it's 10.00 admission, not bad...So this coming weekend, we might go check that out. You never know where Eldo might go!

Stay tuned........


  1. I find I'm taking more "break from writing the blog days" lately.

  2. We find we can be busy doing nothing and enjoy it.
    Thats just what we do, enjoy that days, we have never been bored yet.

  3. Hey, you gotta take a break sometime, right? :)

  4. Quiet boring days are nice...just as long as they don't happen too often! That can lead to a boring life-oh no! But I can't imagine you and Eldo ever having that!

    1. Not usually, but sometimes we do have one now and then.

  5. If I could just get caught up I might take a permanent break. Laundry and new running shoes are in my future too. Laundry for sure the next time it rains. LOL!!