Monday, March 25, 2013

Much About Matlache

Sarasota, FL      High:  76    Low:  61

Had a WONDERFUL visit with my sister, Lyle today, in Matlache...Matlache is a cool, artsty, fartsy little village with lots of little colorful boutiques, shops, bars and restaurants.

We went kayaking...
My sister in her cute little hat
Saw a dolphin while we were out on the have to look hard to see the fin....He played around us a lot before moving on....

And walked through the shops of this kitschy fishing, artsy boutique shopping town....Some talented artists..Here's a lady that makes fish from palm leaves..

Some scenes from some of the cool little shops.....
Some more really cool little shops.....and items outside the shops.....Very colorful buildings, cool stuff for sale, wonderful galleries, lots of jewelry places, and touristy little boutiques, too. But they are always fun to go into and check out anyway.

Came back to her cute little rental place....right on the water in Matlache.....

Ate some wonderful Chinese food for supper, and called it a terrific day spent with my sis! All the more precious as she has battled breast cancer three times and is a survivor. She had a double mastectomy in January to try and beat this disease with a vengeance.  With a great sense of humor and a loving husband, she makes the most of every day. Love you, sis, and thanks for going kayaking with me!
Lyle and Sparky


  1. Such a great time with your sister, so special for you both I would think.

  2. When we get to FL next winter, we are going to try kayaking. I have never done it before. I am a bit nervous I must admit.

    Looks like a great time with your sister.

  3. So glad you had this special day-- which even including kayaking--with your sister. Matlacha is a cute little town.

  4. I've been so behind on my blog reading. . .did I miss the story as to why you are not using your Sea Eagle Kayak?

    Looks like great fun. . .not sure I'm brave enough to be out on the water in something that small though!