Saturday, September 1, 2012

They Are Back for More!

Well, we didn't do Theresa in with her bad knees. As a matter of fact, after a 1.1 hike yesterday climbing over LOTS of boulders, Theresa managed to stave off swollen knees and any pain with prompt icing . Chuck did great, no problems, so the only worry was not doing Theresa in. We didn't, because they came back for more today!

The "kids"--Theresa, (Eldy's sister who is seven years younger than him) and Chuck said they wanted to hike and bike. Having hiked yesterday, today we biked. But first, they needed to get bikes. Out to Southwest Harbor we went to get rental hybrids for them. Hybrids are lighter and easier to use on the carriage roads in our opinion. They are sort of a cross between a road bike and a comfort bike. Tires are narrower, bigger, and the rolling resistance is less. There are more differences but those are the main ones. Southwest Harbor Bike Shop is the only shop on the island that rents hybrids that we know of. Cost of the rentals was 26.00 a bike, and 16.00 to rent a bike rack to carry them on. We chose the Witches Hole Pond Loop, a 4.4 mile ride, one of the shorter rides on the carriage trails with a wonderful view of the Duck Brook Bridge.

Theresa did great, Chuck did great!

Nurse Sparky made Theresa ice her knees again after the bike ride. We rested a bit, then headed downtown to Rupununi's for lunch...wonderful lunch, great company! For the afternoon, Sparky, the tour director, thought a trip to Asticou Terrace and the beautiful Thuyla Gardens was in order. Asticou Terrace and the Thuyla Gardens are located in Northeast Harbor. Sparky wrote about them in a previous blog, about how the Terrace is a STEEP climb of about .3 of a mile, but the beautiful gardens at the top make it VERY worthwhile. Although the gardens are nearing the end of their beauty, many blooms are spent, the summer annuals and perennials are struggling, the gardens were still beautiful as you can see...Theresa and Chuck thought so, too! Sparky is going to attempt another video to show all the beautiful flowers. If it doesn't behave, there will be a couple of her favorite flowers at the bottom of the blog.
After we got back from the gardens, we returned the bikes back to the shop, and on the way back, we stopped off at the Bass Harbor Lighthouse...Theresa and Chuck really enjoyed clambering around on the rocks in order to get a good photo. Sparky and Eldo did, too! There weren't as many tourists here today to look at the lighthouse, so that was nice!

We capped off a busy filled day with a trip to Rosalie's Pizza, one of the best pizza places we have found in downtown Bar Harbor.

Tomorrow is Chuck and Theresa's last day here in Bar Harbor, and we may be all tuckered out--ALL of us--(You too, Sparky?---A little!) to do a hike, so we'll see what the day brings.....Maybe we'll just sit and visit a spell!
loved this webby butterfly/moth at Thuyla Gardens


  1. Such a wonderful area to enjoy, glad you had fun.

  2. Sounds like you are making the most of the short visit with family. Enjoy the rest of your time on MDI.

  3. always fun to share your discoveries. . .glad y'all are enjoying the fam!