Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just Passin' the Time Away....

Hopkins, MI   High: 84   Low:  60

Wheweeee! It's very warm.... A little too warm...Good day for visiting the pool at Hidden Ridge, except it was COLD! And Sparky LIKES cool water! But not COLD water, she doesn't think the pool was even being heated lately, those night temperatures have been making it really chilly to go swimming...Guess the pool is closing this weekend. Temperatures are going to dip down in the low 50's at night, and only reach mid sixties during the day. That's Sparky's favorite temperatures for bike riding and hiking, and fall is Sparky's favorite time of year. It's coming, the leaves are starting to turn!

We didn't do much today...Eldy visited Costco in Grand Rapids, about 30 miles from Hidden Ridge, to get his glasses fixed, Sparky wisely stayed home to avoid overextending the budget. Too many temptations at Costco, plus you gotta buy big quantities of everything! Last time we bought toilet paper, we had rolls falling out of the bays every time we opened up the doors but it lasted us a LONG time. Sparky did laundry, cleaned the inside of the rig, and knitted up a storm. She's making a chemo hat for her only sister, who is undergoing cancer treatment for the third time. She's had a great 13 years since the last bout. Sis is in good spirits, though, with a lot of love and family support right there in the Detroit area. We'll be heading over that way to see her soon to add to the circle of love.....

My sister, Lyle
This is my lovely, beautiful inside and out sister, Lyle....It's a photo of a photo, it's my favorite...she has the twinkliest eyes and the heartiest of laughs. When she smiles, those eyes just crinkle right up. I just love her so much. She is so funny! And she has the most wonderful husband, John, to help take care of her, he's really funny, too. Together, they have had many many years of happiness, laughter and joy and I hope they get through this with flying colors so they can have lots, lots more....

Tomorrow we leave Hidden Ridge and head over to South Haven, MI, to Sunnybrook RV Resort. We have a FREE SIX nights stay that we got while we were at the Tampa RV show last winter. We're looking forward to visiting Clementines, an awesome restaurant with the best onion rings EVER, and seeing our friends Ritchie and Nick.  Short and sweet blog today, it's bye for now.....


  1. Now that it is just Tracy and I at home, things from Costco and SAM's Club last forever. Have a great weekend!

  2. Your sis is lovely! Yes, Sam's and Costco are dangerous places. Why do we all think that we need more of one thing :)

  3. Sparky, the very best to your sister, Lyle and prayers along the way for her too...... Nice that you will be able to be with her soon bringing some joy and love..... Keep having FUN !!!!

  4. I can't go into a Sam's Club and come out with less than $100 worth of stuff.
    Prayers and love to your sister. With God's healing hand anything is possible!

  5. Wishing you and your sis all the best. . .true about those warehouse stores. . .if we didn't save so much on coffee supplies, and splenda, I don't know if I would keep my Sam's card or not. . .however the savings more than pays the annual fee. . .so we keep renewing.

    Safe travels,

  6. Your sister is indeed lovely. Wishing her good luck with this round of cancer treatments.