Sunday, September 23, 2012

Welcome to Elkhart, IN!

Elkhart, IN    High:  57   Low:  42    Freezing rain, hail the size of peas...
There is ElK ART all over Elkhart!
Elkhart welcomed us home with the above weather conditions..Nothing like hooking up the electric and water in pouring down rain....

Luckily, we got a site with a concrete pad, there aren't many here at the Elkhart Campground on County Road 4 in Elkhart, IN....Site 90, 30 amp, which is just fine considering the weather we're gonna be having for the next few days.....
View outside our living room window at the Elkhart Campground
The campground managers have done a lot of work to add more 50 amp sites and make some improvements. Free wi-fi, they have a small store, a laundry, an activity hall, and a small pool. It's a great campground centrally located to all kinds of major restaurants, RV repair places, and activities. Elkhart is supposed to be the RV capital of the country, so you can find just about any type of supplies for the rig, parts, and custom made furniture that you might want for your RV. Shipshewanna, home of the Amish, Jojo's Pretzels,Yoder's Department Store, and the famous flea market is within a 30-45 minute drive. A 20 minute drive takes you to South Bend if you need a major shopping fix at the University Park Mall, which has been completely renovated.
our corner lot site, nice!
It was the kind of cold, chilly day where you think comfort PIZZA! And you thought we might say, "beef stew"...or "meat loaf and mashed potatoes". Nope! Maybe in the next day or so...Eldy's favorite comfort food on a chilly day is Columbo's Pizza on Main Street in Elkhart...and it's gotta be thick crust...Let it be known, that Sparky does not care for thick crust pizza at all, but Eldo is so nice about always letting her have her way on thin crust pizza and usually the toppings, too,  that it was time to let Eldy have his favorite...We're talking Chicago style, thick, thick, chewy, oozing with cheese pizza.....You can get thick, regular, or thin crust...Eldy chose his favorite--THICK....Heart attack on a plate...We know...

Eldo was in seventh heaven......
Columbo's is a restaurant that has been in business for over 30 years or more...It's one of Eldy's favorite things to do/places to eat when he is in Elkhart. One down, lots left to go....restaurants, that is! We'll see......Sparky will try to be good....But there's Heinnie's Back Barn, there's Chubby Trout, there's.....(an empty wallet, sighs E......)   :-)


  1. The pizza looks awesome! Gonna remember that place when we go thru town there.

  2. Sounds like you guys know the restaurants in Elkhart :) We will find the best Wal-Mart in Elkhart then!

  3. That looks like a nice campground. You really should start a campground reviews page. :) I looked through your blog yesterday to see where you had stayed in South Carolina and couldn't find one I thought you had stayed at. (Hardeeville)... Yes, I need another project.

    I'm with you on the thick crust for us either.

  4. Born and raised in South Bend with a sister still living there...I'm making notes of all the good eating !! :O)

  5. GREAT picture of Eldy. Really captures how much he loves that food!
    But freezing rain and hail. Good grief. Not much of a welcome. Sounds like you are going to have a good time being back "home". Glad there is a nice campground. Hope it's either TT or a good monthly rate.

  6. Are you going to tour any of the RV plants or the RV/Motor Home Hall of Fame. We drove through Elkhart on our way here and didn't have time to stop, but we want to go back and do the tours.