Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Holey Moley, We're in Massachusetts!

Sturbridge, MA   High:  76   Low: 62

Eldo's a travelin' man...He covered 360 miles today without too much trouble. It felt weird to Sparky to be leaving Bar weeks after all..It sure went fast, but now, it's on to more adventures with Eldy. We're working our way back to Michigan at the moment, stopping in Massachusetts, then Ohio perhaps, then Michigan. We had an uneventful trip here by way of I-395 to 95, to 295, to 495, to 90 to 84, just in case anybody wants to know the route! We'll be here in Sturbridge for two days. Sparky is going to see her younger brother, Rich, who lives in Lexington, MA at dinner tomorrow night.

We are at the Sturbridge Outdoor World RV park. Older park, older looking facilities but kept up really nicely. Nice landscaping, with a very nice atmosphere to the park, despite its dated look. Lots of shade trees, nice porch to sit out on and read a book because there's no room to sit outside your rig, that's for sure!

Speaking of negatives..Did we mention the spaces are tight, really close to your neighbors?..Hardly any room to pahk the cah..  Ooops! Sorry, the Bah Habba accent is still with Sparky, but it will dissipate soon, we think....(We hope! says E.)

Sturbridge has full hookups, 30 or 50 amp, free cable. There's wi-fi available, but you have to pay for it. It's a small park, 155 sites--very few spaces available for a big rig, tight turning corners to get back to the area where a big rig can fit. Nice clubhouse with a cozy, lodge like feel, big indoor pool and small hot tub....

Looks like lots of activities earlier in the season. Friendly, nice staff... That always makes you feel welcome when you come into a new park for the first time. AT & T cell phones low signal bar strength-1-2 bars, Verizon mi-fi works well...three bars average.
the pond
There's a decent sized pond on the premises where some seasonals are set up....laundry....There are lots of rental cabins here in the park. Tomorrow we'll check out the town of Sturbridge and in the evening meet up with Sparky's brother, Rich, and his wife, Lisa for dinner. See you in Sturbridge?


  1. Nice to get back on the road again, travel safe.

  2. Wow, I'm impressed Eldy! The only time we could drive 360 miles is to take 3 days to do it. :)

  3. Are you two coming through our area in Ohio? We will be in Canton for about another four weeks. If so, maybe we could meet up for a lunch. Safe travels.

  4. I take it this is the best priced place around. Looks like the sites are pretty narrow! LOL!! Is it TT?? I know you'll enjoy Sturbridge. Lucky to have an interesting place and your brother in the same spot.

  5. Holy Cow - 360 miles in one day. We are going to have to do 270 one day and I am so not looking forward to that. I really enjoyed Sturbridge and I think you're going to have a great time.