Monday, September 17, 2012

Sauntering Around Saugatuck

South Haven, MI     High:  76  Low:  53

Sparky wants to keep typing Bar Harbor, ME for the weather! We're in South Haven for six nights, but today the dynamic duos of Ritchie and Nick, and Sparky and Eldo decided to take in a festival in Bangor, MI --I almost typed Bangor, ME...geesh!  Eldo isn't buying any of that. He's content to be back in the midwest, and actually, so is Sparky....It's just old habits die hard, right?

At any rate, there was just one problem...the literature was incorrect and there WASN'T any festival in Bangor until NEXT month, at least not according to the web. But there was supposed to be some kind of harvest festival in Saugatuck--the 9th annual Fall Heritage Festival....So we went looking for it...

And we never found it. Maybe we had the wrong year? But we had a great time. It brought back great memories for Sparky. Sparky and her girls used to go to Saugatuck on a regular basis...We'd eat a snack at the Coral Gables, we'd walk up and down the marina, reading all the yacht names, we'd peruse all the shops...There used to be a Post Office little shop that sold the cutest stationery, cards, and great post-it notes. It's gone. There used to be a wonderful poster store on the main drag...It's gone...BUT--Kilwinn's the Michigan fudge and ice cream shop is going great guns as always...It's doing so well in Saugatuck, there are TWO Kilwinn's on the same street in town! Decisions, decisions, decisions---fudge or ice cream? Ice cream or fudge? Or both?!
Yep, old guys rule! But old gals rule the roost!
Sparky and her girls used to go to Hoopdee Scootee, a novelty store with tons of interesting stuff, some a little risque, now that she thinks about's still there!
The drugstore is a cool place for all kinds of neat gifts. Sparky bought a Baggalini hipster tote--made in the U.S.A., a rarity! Sparky likes the Butler's Pantry, a kitchen store with all kinds of gadgets, special sauces, seasonings and tools.
The corner bakery had some wonderful sandwiches and breads....and a cheery decor..

People don't think anything of having their pets in the stores here, owners included, which is fine if you don't have allergies! Sparky is allergic to cats, so she didn't linger long in this store....Some kind of southwest decor store with a terrific selection of comfortable European shoes ..Sparky picked up one cute pair and promptly put them down...$175.00!
Time for a cat nap
We visited the restrooms....Oh, sorry! Too much information...But isn't this cool? The building is painted in the pointillism style of the French painter Georges Seurat. Sparky remembers studying that in school! (Glad she is remembering some things! exclaims E.)  Yeah, me, too...I've been worried about my memory lately, chimes in Sparky.

We walked around town, we people watched....People watched us....The fellas hit the benches for awhile while Sparky and Ritchie window shopped.....
Or they played....Guys are a lot more patient now when their significant others shop, with cell phones to play with, right? Eldo and Nick were VERY patient....
We wore ourselves out...Back home we came and got ready for dinner...Ritchie fixed brats, Sparky fixed beans and deviled eggs...another great day with friends....We're so blessed!


  1. I enjoy reading along with all your adventures. I feel like I know you well.

    Love the photo of the public restroom painted in pointillism. (I studied a little art in school too.)


    1. Nice to have you along, Susan! thanks for reading...

  2. Those benches look comfortable. A comfy place to sit is really high up there on my list of places I'd rather be when going along on a shopping excursion.

    Loved the pointillism.

  3. What a fun place to visit. Love the legs in the window.

  4. Way to turn two outs into a home run!

  5. Love the name Hoopdee Scootee!
    The restrooms are awesome. How clever.

  6. Omigosh, this was great to read! As a kid my family and I went to Saugatuck every Summer on our way to Ludington. I LOVED the old post office stationery shop - sad that it's gone. I also loved a shop that sold super preppy clothes - sweaters, wood handled purses, etc. and monogrammed everything. It seems to be gone. But glad the fudge and ice cream place is still rockin' it! Thank you for these memories!!!