Monday, September 3, 2012

That Darn Blogger!

Bar Harbor, Bye-Bye....High: 68   Low: 52

For our last day in Bar Harbor, it rained all day! No awesome hike for Sparky to the Beehive and the Bowl trails in Acadia, that will have to wait till next time. RATS! The beehive had iron rungs and ladders, but not as strenuous or dangerous as the Precipice Trail at Acadia. Sparky really wanted to go for a challenging hike on her last day, but not on slippery, wet rocks! Sparky may be a space cadet and spatially challenged, but she's not stupid! :-)

So, Sparky and Eldo spent the day researching our trip out of here and trying to make reservations for Sturbridge, MA, our first night out of Maine. Guess Hurricane Issac made mincemeat out of the Thousand Trails reservation systems, the central headquarters being somewhere in Mississippi, so we were unable to confirm a stay and the online system appeared to be having all kinds of glitches. We called the park directly and got in that way. Looks like Eldo will be driving about a 350+ mile drive tomorrow....Sparky MAY get behind the wheel to help him out, Sparky MAY NOT. Eldo is ok with that, bless his heart.

We sat out on our awning and watched the rain come down over the Narrows...In between cloud bursts, we had a couple of visits from little neighbors behind us. Two little guys, as cute as cute could be. The littlest one was a little daredevil you could tell, and he didn't walk anywhere, he RAN! His mom chased after him for quite a while. Sparky loved his tee shirt. Something about a "recipe for disaster." "Take one boy, a box of crayons, permanent markers, paint, glue, a pair of scissors, put all the ingredients in a room full of fine china and expensive furnishings, and tell the boy to have fun! Should be done in about 15 minutes. Enjoy!"

This little guy and his bigger brother, about four, would come running around the corner of our rig and practically run right into us. For some reason, he wanted to go inside our rig. His mom had to keep redirecting him and distracting him. Sparky thinks this boy is gonna be ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disordered) when he gets to school! Here they are showing Eldy how strong they are, each carrying a little log.

Sparky made a side trip to the Ellsworth area today to a knit shop. Guys, you can tune out now. Gals, this was the BEST craft/yarn store for miles and miles if you craft or knit. Shirley's Yarns and Crafts had the most beautiful yarn Sparky has ever seen, and walls and walls of all kinds of it in addition to gifts, craft supplies and all kinds of stuff. It's a good thing Sparky did not discover this shop at the beginning of her stay, or her budget would have been shot to hell. (And back! claims E.) Wow! is all she can say...Many many different types of yarn, brands, high quality stuff....AWESOME! Shirley's is located just 4 miles east of Ellsworth, on highway 1.

Other than that, Sparky spent the time trying to figure out why in the heck the slideshow feature is not working on her blog. Rick, of Rick and Paulette fame, is trying to help her. Sparky would like to say, two heads are better than one, but in this case, it's gonna be Rick's head that comes up with a solution, because Sparky doesn't know what else to try. (Eldo is wisely remaining quiet here...) Thank you, Rick, for trying to help! Since the Thuyla Gardens slideshow didn't work, Sparky will leave you with a few flower photos today...See what you missed? What they are, she couldn't tell you. She forgot to look at the labels as she was trying to get some more hummingbird photos, but couldn't.

Tomorrow we leave for Sturbridge, MA. We're sorry to go...This was the longest we have ever stayed in one spot, seven weeks, and the time just flew by!  See you on the road.......
Foxglove or digitalis purpuris (?)
And one more.....

one of the many panels on the gate to the Thuyla Gardens


  1. When our last day in a spot is a rainy one, then we don't mind leaving, Have fun and travel safe.

  2. I could have bought that t-shirt and put it on some men I know...hehe
    Safe travels.

  3. That boy sounds like most five year old boys I know. Today every kid who does not fit the small square of normal needs a label:(

  4. Sorry about your hike but I'm glad you took the safe way out. Looking forward to your travels to Sturbridge. Have had so much fun with you so far.

  5. Cheer up...if YOU do any driving, you just may get another chance on the Beehive hike! :)

  6. Sorry you last day was weathered out. I didn't realize you'd been there 7 weeks. WOW that's great after the early summer you had. Well done!!

  7. Yup.. that yarn store looks like heaven to me!

    Karen and Steve
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