Saturday, September 22, 2012

Leaving Hidden Ridge

Hopkins, MI    High:  67   Low: 47   Rain, rain, go away....

Well, phooey! Our last day at Hidden Ridge after we got back from Harsens Island was spent indoors avoiding the rain...Steady, all afternoon into the evening kind of rain...The kind of rain you just kick off your shoes, prop yourself up on the sofa and surf the day away (on the internet) or read....or nap.....

Sparky did laundry and visited the clubhouse one last time while waiting for it to dry. This is the media room in the clubhouse at Hidden Ridge. Across from Sparky are wall to ceiling oak bookshelves filled with books of all kinds. A great place for a rainy day....Sparky had it all to herself for a long while....
Self-portrait of Sparky in the library
Eldo researched a new program that we read about in Motorhome Magazine that says it will give you a radius of travel distance if you input some data like mph and hours you want to drive. We found it under the phrase "How Far Can You Travel?" under the website domain of   It's based out of the United Kingdom and so there are some variables that would have to change for U.S. users, like kilometers to miles. It's very plain vanilla, but might be of use to RVers?  Eldy's not sure about it. It will take him some time to try it out and see if it's something he might use.

We spent the rest of the day reading blogs, watching the comings and goings of rigs in the park, and getting ready to pack up to leave tomorrow for Elkhart, IN, Eldy's hometown. We are planning to be there for almost a month, if we last that long! Red Bay is in our future after Elkhart, so we may cut the month short and head down sooner.....We'll see what Eldo decides.....


  1. Love your self portrait. That's my kind of relaxing. Gimme a book and I'm happy.

  2. Love that window seat. . .was thinking it was in the end of your rig. . .then remembered you have a motorhome. . .lovely spot for a rainy afternoon.


  3. Sometimes it's nice to have a rainy day. Personally, I think a month in Elkhart is too much. :)

  4. We'll be in Elkhart on Tuesday, Oct 2. We plan on going to the Keystone plant for a tour of how they made our Montana. Staying in a WalMart in Goshen. One night, not a month :)

  5. Sometimes you just need a day to relax and catch up with the chores. Enjoy Elkart. We visited there last year at this time for the first time. Had a wonderful time in Amish country.

  6. I would think this would be a beautiful time of the year to be in Elkhart. I love that area. So much good food. The only rain we've seen in months is that flood we were in in Las Vegas. Been so long since we've seen a gentle rain, would really be nice.

  7. We travel by the rule of 230. Two hundred thirty miles or 2:30PM whichever comes first. No calculations required.


  8. Didn't you have rain on your last day in Maine too? Maybe it's designed to make you more rested for your long travel days.

    I think I must go by the Rule of 4. Drive 4 hours and that's how far I get. And then stay a week or two or..... :-))

    Safe travels!!

  9. Same with us maybe 9 till 2 taking our time, stop for the night or a week, no need to rush.

  10. I love rainy days inside The Palms, I just don't get enough of them. That's a beautiful photo of Sparky in the library.

    I like the rule of 230 and the Rule of 4. My rule is set the GPS and drive until I get there, or drive until I get too tired to drive anymore. I guess mine is The Rule of Drive Until. :)

    Safe travels to Elkhart!