Sunday, September 2, 2012

Show Some Mercy or Wear 'Em Out!

Bar Harbor, ME   High 68    Low: 49

We're talking show mercy to Eldy and Sparky, not Theresa and Chuck! Well, maybe to them as well, since Theresa has been icing her knees every night since she got here! However, EVERYBODY was tuckered out from the last couple of days, trying to jam in as much of Acadia as possible.

So today, we showed ourselves some mercy. We did the driving thing. We took the Park Loop Road and stopped at various locations along the way to show Chuck and Theresa some more Acadia National Park beauty. First, Thunder thundering Mother Nature show today, but the time of day made it extra pretty anyway. Sparkling waters, beautiful blue skies...perfect temperatures...

On to Little Hunter's Beach, the cobblestone beach with the cool cliffs, the tidepools, the rocks to climb over, and the Rockefeller bridge to see--one arch looking through to the brook tumbling down on the other side....Theresa got very adventurous and started heading for the cliffs. The rocks and cliffs held many wonders... No wonder she wanted to go exploring!
The cliffs and the rocks are so beautiful at Hunter's many different kinds of rocks! A geologist would love this place! The beach is entirely made of cobblestones deposited by the sea. When the surf comes in, the sounds made by the cobblestones rubbing against each other sounds like a bunch of granite marbles. It's fun to walk on them! Great exercise for the ankles!
Sparky loves to stop and observe very carefully what's under her this finely chiseled rock that Mother Nature carved out and then deposited a little pinecone. Wonder if it will grow?
There were some beautiful tidepools there, the colors were magnificent against the backdrop of the minerals coloring the rock piles....

Next, a revisit to Jordan Pond House, the gatehouse, pass through the parking lot---too crowded to stop and see the lawn tables at the restaurant there...On to Bubble through the parking lot to see Rockefeller's beautiful Bubble Pond Bridge...

But no time to stop and see Bubble Pond. Theresa and Chuck had to get going shortly after noon....

Theresa and Eldy
It was a wonderful visit, lots of fun, and great to see Acadia through someone else's eyes as we viewed some of our favorite places in Acadia once again...We forgot to share the sunset at Acadia the other night, so here it is, once more in all its glory....

We have one more day at Acadia, Bar Harbor, and Mount Desert Narrows campground.....And then, we have to leave to head for the midwest. We're looking forward to heading towards South Haven, Michigan to meet up with some great friends we met this past winter in Florida, Ritchie and Nick Boersma. Sparky is looking forward to seeing her sister in the Detroit area this coming month as well.....Looks like Sparky is going to take one more hike on her last day in Acadia tomorrow, and it might be a doozy! (the one that requires a waiver, explains E.)  Stay tuned!


  1. Another great day visiting with company, enjoy your journey to Michigan.

  2. Now that final picture is spectacular! Safe travels.

  3. great pics. . .we love thunder holes no matter where we find them. . .


  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Safe travels to Michigan.

  5. You definitely make Arcadia look like THE place to visit. Love the pictures. Sparky - be safe on that hike.

  6. We will book mark these post about Arcadia. You really covered a lot of ground and we appreciate all the information!!