Monday, September 24, 2012

Dad and Daughter Day

Elkhart, IN    High:  55  Low:  38 (!) Br-r-r--r...Is the heat on?

Yep, we are running the furnace which got fixed back in Wayland, MI. It's working great! Most of the time we use our heat pump, so we really don't use much propane as long as we stay in warmer locations. (WARMER, WARMER...remember that, Sparky! reminds E.) Yep, but I'm sure enjoying the crisp fall weather! Love it!
I've been riding my bike around the Elkhart Campground neighborhoods......Not the best views in residential neighborhoods except for the beautiful summer homes on the shores of Simonton Lake here in Elkhart. Sometimes there are beautiful or interesting sights to see, but not always!

But, it gets the job done. I'm up to 6-10 miles almost every day on my bike, so whatever it takes to get the job done, I'm gonna get out there and RIDE! I love riding my bike in this weather!

Today, Eldy's daughter, Kristi, her husband Ted, and their son Connor, came for a visit on Ted's birthday....We had a great visit that took up much of the chilly afternoon as we chatted the day away....

Kristi has been on a weight loss journey and lost over 50 pounds this year with mentors Chris and Roy Pickler  from Middlebury who were on the TV show America's Biggest Loser last season. Kristi never exercised when she was growing up and has always struggled with her weight. She is now running 5K's, riding a bike, drinking special shakes called Visalus, Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, she's walking, using exercise equipment and working very very hard to maintain her weight loss and take care of herself for herself and her family.  WOW! She also has the support of a running group of friends who cheer her on and help keep her going. But it takes a strong person to decide to take better care of oneself. It all starts with the inner YOU. We are very proud of Kristi, and her husband and son are very proud and supportive of her, too.

Connor, her little son, 7 years old, has ridden as many as twelve miles with his mom on his little bike!   Here he is on his little scooter, wanting to show Sparky how he does a "pop wheelie" on his scooter...all of three inches off the ground!
I didn't get a good photo of Kristi's husband, Ted, the birthday boy, but we'll get one in here soon. It takes a good man to support his wife losing all that weight and letting her have all the time she needs to get her workouts and exercise in.

It was a great fall day spent with family! Thanks for spending time with us today.......


  1. We have ran our furnace the last two mornings and even last night.
    Good luck to Kristi. She sounds like a very dedicated young lady. All the hard work is well worth it in the end.

  2. Yup, we've been running the furnace in the morning, and have our fireplace going now.
    Good for Kristi! She's got terrific support.

  3. Thanks Dad and Jeannie for your continued support. Having a great support system really helps in my journey. I am just thankful that I am finally at a place where I don't make excuses and go back to my old ways. Chris and Roy have been a huge help with all the information they are teaching me. But without my family and friends continued support I would stuggle more. My husband has been fantastic with helping me and I could not have done it without him. So now I am at a place in my journey where I want to give back and help others that are in the place I was. Helping others helps me push on and also makes me feel like I am making a difference. My son has been impacted greatly by Roy and Chris and is more active and thinning down because of good choices he is making also. So that is very encouraging for me because I don't want him to stuggle like I have my whole life. My journey is not over but I am over half way to my goal. Life is great and I encourage anyone out there to get active and you will feel amazing. Looking forward to getting Dad more active while he is home!!! Love you guys and thanks for everything you do to help keep me motivated.


  4. I'm with you. i am absolutely loving this crisp cool weather. Sure hate to go back to Florida... but we have been discusing a Keys trip. :)

  5. Well. . .no furnace for us folk here in South Texas. . .91* today. . .enjoy that great fall weather for us. . .and enjoy that visit with the kiddos and grands. . .