Friday, September 14, 2012

It's Not Sunny at Sunnybrook!

South Haven, MI    High: 75   Low: 50

But it will be sunny tomorrow. Ritchie and Nick, our friends from Grand Rapids, whom we met down in Webster, FL this past winter, arrived at Hidden Ridge today. They met up with us to follow us over to Sunnybrook RV Resort, where we are going to stay for the next six days. We have a FREE stay, gotten from the Tampa RV show, they got one, too!

We've stayed at Sunnybrook about seven or eight times over four years. We really like it here...We love it that South Haven is a touristy town with a little marina, great little restaurants and a little lighthouse at the end of the pier in town.

We love the little shops with their "Lake Michigan Unsalted" tee shirts, kitschy boutiques with things you can't find anywhere else, and for Sparky, having grown up six blocks from Lake Michigan, it's like coming home.
Ritchie and Eldy in front of Clementines
After setting up today, we caught up on all kinds of stuff with the Boersma's, chit chatting the afternoon away, then headed to Clementines for supper. Clementines has the BEST onion rings in town and they serve them on a 6" or 12" dowel rod tower, your choice. The food is decent, service is great, and the company was the best! :-)

After dinner, we walked down to the pier, and watched the waves roll over the retaining walls. The waves swelled and rolled INSIDE the channel leading from the marina to the lake. It was one of the kind of days that would have been perfect conditions for Thunder Hole back in Acadia--the wind, the waves, stormy weather coming in.

It looked like rain was going to come down any minute. The waves were BIG! They were so big that there were four or five wannabe surfers trying to catch a wave. On Lake Michigan, no less! A couple of kiteboarders were out, too...

Love the grass skirted lemonade stand, shuttered for the season.....

And cormorants, of all things! We're used to seeing them down south, but not at Lake Michigan in Michigan!

Time to go home....for the next five days, it's South Haven, Michigan....Home of the Kal-Haven Bike Trail....time to get Eldo's bike fixed! Sparky took Eldy's bike over to Rock 'n' Ride Cycle Shop in South Haven. Eldo needed a new gear cable and for 17.00, the main problem was fixed. The shop guy said Eldo's bike needed "a LOT of work". But Eldo is thinking about a new bike. Karen, of RV Travels with Karen and AL, thought a bike with a motor would be a great idea. Like this one, Karen?  This one caught Eldo's eye, but Sparky thinks NOT! ;-)
We decided to check out some bike shops in luck---no trade ins accepted for the Navigator Trek comfort bike Eldy has now, and not the size or style he is looking for....We'll keep looking......Bye for now.......


  1. Enjoy your time there with friends. That bike with the motor would be a fun toy but pretty loud I think.

  2. I love the little lighthouse. We had electric bikes when we first started out but they are so heavy to load and unload that we gave them up and went with regular bikes. Good luck finding Eldy his bike.