Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yes, Sparky, There Really ARE Moose in Acadia!

South Haven, MI   High: 59   Low:  38!!!!!  It's raining cats and dogs today...too bad it's not moose.. BUT WAIT!

TIME OUT! STOP THE PRESSES! (Hate to tell you, Sparky, but that happened a long time ago...) THERE ARE MOOSE IN ACADIA!!!!  This was such an earth shaking event for Sparky, that she is devoting a small blog to this topic today....It's earthshaking because there are locals who have lived in Bar Harbor/Acadia area for 30 years or more who have NEVER seen a moose on the island. Acadia is on the island, Mount Desert Island, and the moose would have to swim a large body of water to get to the island, which is entirely possible. It's just nobody ever sees them. A few park rangers may have, but they are reluctant to tell you that.

Here's proof: A moose was spotted IN Acadia National Park, this week...Photos are courtesy of Maine-ly Ours Gift Shop and Fun Rental and were on Facebook. Lena Marie Hatch and her husband, a woodsman, took these photos and graciously allowed me to use them...This was a first time for him seeing moose in the park!

This bull moose was first spotted along the side of the Park Loop Road...

Then it entered the visitor's center area.....

and proceeded to climb the stairs!

And then off it wandered into the brush...Unbelievable!

Some other locals commented a few years back that there IS a small resident population of moose, about five or six. One gentleman with the last name of Dorr (related to the "father" of Acadia, we bet!?) said the moose frequent the dump, and the Seal Cove Road area...Hmph! Wish Sparky had known about that, we would have visited the dump and Seal Cove more frequently instead of traipsing all around the northern counties of Maine looking for moose! It turns out they were right in our backyard! It's amazing that they remain so "invisible" with the thousands and thousands of visitors to Acadia each year. But in this case, this young (?) bull moose decided to make himself known to the public! Thanks for Mainely Ours Gift Shop and Outdoor Fun Rental for letting me share these photos!

Now, we HAVE to go back to Acadia next summer! (SIGH!.from E.) Eldo doesn't like to plan that far ahead, but he knows how much Sparky loves Acadia, and being such the sweetheart he is, he will probably take his Sparky back there.....(Nothing like putting a little public pressure to persuade a guy, says E. We'll see......)


  1. Hmmm! Guess we'll have to hang out around the dump next summer :)

  2. Oh I LOVE those moose photos. Those things are HUGE!


  3. Now you have a plan !!! Lots of fun knowing you're on the track ..... Beautiful moose ..... He's playing with you ....
    Going to get you back there one way or another !!!!

  4. Maybe we'll meet you there next year...we'll be workamping up there next summer!

  5. We plan to head that way next summer as well. . .perhaps we can all moose hunt together. . .


  6. That is a handsome looking moose. I think they just wait until nearly everyone has gone. Too many folks around for them to show themselves. Will you go back to the same place and stay a few months next summer??