Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

As we get older, I think most of us think about the "good ole days"...and it doesn't take much to trigger a memory trip when you look at an old object, or look at something you had when you were a kid, or you clean out a parent's house, or take a mental checklist test of "Just How Old ARE You?"  as somebody did on a blog recently. I gotta be getting old, because I remembered all items on that blog checklist except one! There should have been a category, "older than DIRT" for remembering that many! (The category name for remembering as many as I did was a much kinder label.)

Kerry and I visited an antique fleamarket today that was huge, all under one roof in Spring, TX. It was wonderful! I could have spent all day in we went down aisle after aisle, I kept exclaiming, "O-o-o-h! Mom had these when we were growing up!" or "I remember drinking out of these when I was a kid!" Or "I had one of those when I was in grade school!" I looked at a vintage apron and was instantly transported back to jr. high when my first sewing project was an apron in home economics class. I almost remembered the fabric I made it out of. Now they call it "Consumer Science" and you're lucky if your kid's school offers that! I was instantly lost in the Land of Nostalgia and got buried very quickly in the aisles, while Kerry moved on.....WOW! Kerry!  Look at all this old stuff and beautiful glassware, dishes, and silver stuff, and toys, Fenton glass, and carnival glass, and Toby mugs and......."Yes, Mom...I see...." She doesn't see, but she will when she takes a trip down memory lane at my age, 60......

I saw a Royal typewriter identical to the one I used to sit at the dining room table and type my papers on in jr. high and high school. I remembered the little pink wheel erasers with the little brush on the end that you would use to erase and quickly brush away the debris before it dropped into the carriage return. I saw plastic tumblers in pastels with little "grass" weavings inside the sides of the glass that we had growing up in the fifties. Old books, old Pyrex casserole dishes and bowls brought a memory back of when I bought a Christmas present for my mom as a little girl. I practically told her what I bought for her, I was so proud. She realized that I came out of the store (it was a Woolworth's 5 & 10) that I didn't get the set of bowls that I was supposed to, having spent all my she kindly guided me back into the store to get the rest of the set, without letting on that I really had told her what she was getting!

If I ever see a Dick and Jane reading book, I'm gonna buy one. I loved that series, and for some reason, I loved learning to read and writing in our phonics books that we had in the early primary grades. All those great memories came rushing back and it was hard to get me out of there today....

My last thought of that wonderful antiques "mall", "showroom" or "Memory Lane" was seeing some Care bears....I think they are from the '70's. That's my nickname for Kerry, "Carebear", so naturally, I had to take a photo of her holding one! Aw-w-w-w, isn't she cute? KERRY, not the bear, tee hee! Today was our last day was HARD saying goodbye...The tears came on my part...It will be awhile until we can see her again...a long while, but that's the way it has to be...We'll stay in touch...and we'll stay in touch with you! Bye for now...


  1. You are much younger than I am. I used one of those old typewriters in my first job!

  2. Oh you have made my day with that Tom Mix book,, I remember like it was yesterday, my father asking if I had got his new book yet, and me asking what one and him saying Tom Mix and cement,,, HA HA

  3. Kerry is a beautiful girl. I remember everything you mentioned today.