Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pretty Awful Precipitation

Here comes the bad weather again...We put our bungees and rope gear back up on the one bedroom topper that bothers us the most when we sleep because it's right over our heads. It's not a very aesthetically pleasing setup, we should come up with a more trendy setup, then patent it and sell it at RV shows, ha ha!

Rain all day Wednesday, turning to sleet...Hard freeze Wednesday night...high Thursday 41...BUT looking towards a nice weekend, temps in the 50's, total sunshine...For now, time to get out the craft books and knitting supplies AND maybe a trip to the Apple Store...woo-hoo!  We're watching our data usage on our Verizon air card since we went over 5 gigabytes last month. We are not sure why because we didn't download any movies...I tried to upload a 30 second video, and like an idiot, let it run almost an hour before realizing that it wasn't going to upload. Hmmmmm, maybe that's why we went over!

little knit key chain fob
Here's the's too icy on the highways today to head out, so we're staying home...Eldy's playing solitaire, and I'm knitting some more "stuff"...after reading an article yesterday on how knitting helps ADD (attention deficit) kids focus and pay attention in school, I guess it just confirms that I may be a little ADD myself, as knitting seems to keep me from getting a little too "squirrely". It's rather calming, I can get into a "Zen" zone and knit for long periods of time without feeling antsy...Eldy is glad for that, as I can get very very restless when bad weather comes...(E. says, you can say THAT again!)

Hopefully, we will be able to get out and about sleet in the forecast, just cold...'cuz if we can't......I --MIGHT-- JUST---GO--- CRAZY!!!!!!! (We're going! we're going! says E.)  See you tomorrow at the Apple Store.....
View of the bayou on a cold windy day


  1. I'm paranoid about that 5GB limit. If I try to download something that is going to take over 2 or 3 minutes I just quit the d/l. I also watch my usage at least every other day.

    I could never sit still long enough learn to knit or crochet. I wish I could.

  2. Love the long shadow. Stay warm

  3. now are you saying your awnings over your slides flap and that is why you have bungi-cord them? We are wantabees and haven't been able to make the plunge yet.

  4. When it gets too windy for us, we just pull the slide in and sleep that way. Put it out when the wind lightens up. No problem if you remember to get your clothing out of the drawers you can't access. LOL

    I hate that 5 gig limit too. Always gets in my way when I want to upload pictures from a great kayak or hiking adventure.