Monday, February 7, 2011

Galveston Eats

Besides cool architecture, beautiful mansions, awesome museums, Galveston has many, many great places to eat...the kids came to Galveston today to have lunch with us at Salsas, a Mexican restaurant on the Seawall Boulevard in Galveston. 
Great food, great company! (Nice young man, say Sparky and Eldo..first time we have met him...)

We got a little silly after lunch...and not one of us had a margarita!

We gave the kids a tour of the RV which lasted all of about one minute...Eldy and Bigyan, (Kerry's fiance) took some nice photos of Kerry and I....We sat and chatted about traveling, things about the motor home, the parrots, and then the kids had to get back for the big game!
My favorite photo from today...
After the kids left, I thought I better go for a bike ride to burn off some burritos, chips and dip. I'd have to bike for several days straight to do that, but got in about 4 miles....Something is better than nothing, is my mantra! It sure was a beautiful day with decent temperatures...another cold snap is next Thursday and Friday, temps will be in the thirties and low forties for just a couple of days, but lows close to freezing again..Here's a shot from my bike ride those ornamental grasses lining the drive coming into the RV park!
Tomorrow looks to be a nice day...Eldo has some ideas for us...we'll see where he goes!


  1. my favorite eaterie in the Galveston area is Shrimp and Stuff - ask around ans you can get directions - I think it is on 39th and O and a half or at least close to there...

  2. I love the grasses too. The pics of you and your daughter are really good. Look like two peas in a pod. :)