Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to Bolivar

We liked the ferry so much we decided to ride it again. This time we took the car with us..and we'll probably ride the ferry again at least one more time. Eldy says, heck, we might ride it several times back and forth in one day as walk ons! It's just really cool (literally, Wear a WARM jacket!) to see the HUGE freighters and tankers and the occasional dolphins. And, it's interesting to people watch on the ferry as well...We only saw a couple of dolphins today and they didn't hang around very long....about the time I get the camera focused, they're gone!

The gulls are back and again traveling with us. These guys remind me of the Three Amigos for some reason....don't ask me mind works in mysterious ways--when it is working!

We drove around Bolivar Island after getting off the ferry....we could see lots of devastation caused by the last hurricane in 2008, Hurricane Ike. The people are working hard to rebuild, just as they are in Galveston. Beautiful new homes going up...such bright colors! I wonder if the bright colors are sort of a psychological reaction to the depressing circumstances of living through a hurricane and losing some or all of your home? Or if this is just because it's getting further south towards tropical climates and weather? Although you'd never know it by the temperatures here lately....

Look it how high this lavender house is! (on the left) It was one of the highest built homes that we saw while driving around. I can't begin to estimate how high it is off the ground, but I'm thinking twenty feet maybe? I'm just thinking how much exercise everybody gets climbing stairs to get to the first floor everyday. I'd be hoping for good knees as I got older! Here are a couple more...

Here's a cherry red one...with a cool design on the front of it...
 And one more....

Really enjoyed the ferry today....back home to relax...just a few more days before we have to go..I'm going to get to see Kerry one more time and then we have to leave....see you later!


  1. I'd be so worried that the force of the winds would take those houses right off the stilts. I think I'd want double the usual number. But I wouldn't live anywhere near a hurricane-prone location either. They sure are beautiful houses, aren't they.

  2. Love the pictures, especially of the seagulls "hitching" a ride on the ferry. We have never been to the Drug Store you mentioned, will have to this coming Nov. or Dec. when we're back in the area.
    You're on the road today, safe travels. See you in Yuma.