Saturday, February 12, 2011

Apple Store and More

Yesterday was too cold to do anything outside so we went to the Apple Store at Baybrook Mall between here and Friendswood, TX...about a 20 min. drive. They were expecting a huge crowd because of the Verizon launch of the iphone. Guess everybody was at the Verizon store buying their phones, the Apple store wasn't very busy!  I got my computer and phone updated and tried to learn some new things about the mac. While we were there, two U.S. Army soldiers came in to buy something or get some service. When they finished their business and started to walk out, the entire store broke out in spontaneous applause, with people expressing verbal thanks as well as the guys walked out....made me get tears in my eyes. I hope more of that happens all over the country, as we need to remember our soldiers every day not just Veteran's Day, and show our appreciation when we see them in restaurants, stores, and malls....this is a personal thing for me as my own family members have served in Iraq. My oldest daughter has expressed some wonderful things to me, telling me specific instances of how the American public has shown appreciation for soldiers in uniform...

In the afternoon, we decided to go to Moody Gardens, a set of three pyramids in Galveston...these pyramids contain a rainforest pyramid, a Discovery pyramid, and an aquarium the pyramidal complex, there is an IMAX 3D theater, a ridefilm theater, a palm beach, a paddlewheel boat, a 4D special FX theater, AND 25 acres of gardens, naturally! This place is not cheap! The ticket pricing is a little complicated....if you didn't want to do the one day pass, you could pick and choose some of the other activities, but then they were extra. As it was, the Rainforest pyramid was closed, but they were still charging the full day pass rate as if all three pyramids were still accessible...the Discovery Pyramid is primarily for we decided to do just the aquarium, for 18.95 a person. There were 2.00 coupons on the internet to save some off the admission.
One-Day Pass
$39.95 per person
Day Pass includes one admission  to: Aquarium Pyramid, MG 3D Theater, 4D Special FX Theater, Ridefilm Theater, Discovery Museum and Colonel Paddlewheel Boat.

I will say the Aquarium Pyramid was AWESOME! The lighting was subdued, there was beautiful relaxing music playing, there were many places to sit and just watch the fish and marine life, everything is in blues and aquas naturally, the lighting, the was very relaxing!..part of the aquarium is a water tunnel over your head where the schools of fish and sharks swim overhead, you are in the water tunnel...very cool! Great sharks exhibit, too! We saw one information panel that showed how sharks can mistake surfers for prey. 

You have to watch my man, Eldo...he gets himself into trouble sometimes when he's sightseeing. I have to watch him every minute, lol..Here he decided to get into the shark cage just for fun! A guy came along and said, "Now that's what you call being in the doghouse!" You know, if more people went to the aquarium when they've had a very stressful day, I think this would be a wonderful way to unwind and would reduce a lot of people's blood pressure. I'm serious! I would have been going to the aquarium about every third day just to unwind from my former teaching job!

These blues of all hues are my all time favorite really was a beautiful place....I'm looking forward to seeing more aquariums in the future, both of us enjoyed this aquarium very much....see you tomorrow....


  1. Your experiece with the soldiers at the Verizon store brought tears to my eyes! I am so proud of them, but also the Americans in the store that appreciate their sacrifice. Beautiful.
    We have been to Moody Gardens many times, too bad it wasn't all open. The butterfly garden is neat to. At Christmas they have it beautifully decorated with a gazillion lights.

  2. I guess for everything they offer, the price is not too bad, but I don't think you could get to all of it in one day. Very pretty.