Thursday, February 17, 2011

Harbor Tour

A 45 min.  harbor tour for 10.00? and it's called Dolphin Baywatch Tours? We're in!  We toured the harbor today with a very funny captain of the Baywatch Tours...we saw dolphins, finally! Never saw a single one while we were in Florida or in the keys, surprisingly. But today we saw at least ten or more, lazily swimming around in the harbor, chasing our boat for a bit...we learned about the ships that come into the harbor, like the ship that comes in bringing over 400 truckloads of bananas, the Del Monte ship..we saw Pelican Bay where there is a WWII destroyer Escort, and a submarine (separate tour for those) and we learned a little about the drilling rigs. We saw a Carnival ship waiting to head out on a cruise later today... I guess any ship over 300 feet coming into Galveston has to have a certified boat pilot come out before the ship enters the harbor, the pilot boards the ship and personally commandeers it in to the harbor.
Pilots' Association-pilot boats
I love Galveston! The architecture is so cool..there are so many neat Victorian houses along the streets near the Strand, the little shopping district in town...the Strand street is full of historical buildings with neat trim and gingerbread. We browsed in the shops earlier today while waiting to take the harbor cruise.

We went into a great candy store and got Eldy some more exotic flavors of jellybeans...on Saturdays, there's a guy there who makes taffy by hand, the old fashioned way, pulling it and stretching it.

We saw this couple standing in one of the open store fronts--we didn't stop in to see how much they were selling for. Not sure why you'd want one or both, but who knows why people buy the things they do? The guy had a severe case of the shakes! So he was animated in a not-so-good way...No doors on many of the stores, they just opened up wide for passersby to come in and browse....reminded me of the shops in the Florida keys--wide open, no glass.
The ideal couple?
Then Eldy saw this cute couple and just had to take their photo! This was in front of Truffles, the Rocky Mountain chocolate factory...yum! I was a good girl, I didn't buy any! (uh, honey, you bought some fudge at the other jellybean candy shop, remember? E. reminds me)
Welcome to our newest followers, PB & J Adventures, a family traveling the southeastern United States. And they like disc golf, too!

The wind is back today, it doesn't stay away very long...but they are gentle winds...we'll see what the winds bring for us tomorrow...

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