Thursday, February 3, 2011

32 Degrees in Galveston

trusty little Honeywell heater
I know, stop whining! That's what Eldy's daughter said to him this morning after he complained about the cold to her. Yesterday, Houston and the whole BIG state of Texas had rolling "whiteouts" or "blackouts" due to some power station generator failures or some other sort of mechanical problem. We did not notice any power outage here at Galveston Bay Campground. Apparently, an ice and sleet combo is coming later today, into the evening...yuck! We have been going through the propane despite running a space heater and keeping the back bedroom thermostat at 64-66 degrees at night and not much more during the day. We keep the living room at 67 degrees with the space heater running.  Our new friends Greg and Jan White said they haven't had to fill propane in two years! They use more than one space heater in their RV home and then use a special light bulb in the water bay compartment. We're not that energy efficient yet so we're going to have to go get some propane today. We tried buying another space heater yesterday, but of course, no luck--sold out everywhere! Southern Texans don't normally get these cold extremes for more than just a day or two is what I understand so there was a run on heaters.

First, we have to make sure the diesel engine block heater has been going for a couple of hours before starting the coach. Next, we have to check the awning toppers for ice, since we had a torrential downpour a couple of days ago, there's a good chance we're going to have to knock off the ice before trying to pull the slides in. Then we are going to unhook the sewer, (the water was disconnected yesterday to avoid freezing the hose and faucet) pull in the slides and drive out to a location down the street for propane.  It's a pain to have to unhook and pull in, but you gotta do what you gotta do to stay warm. We could have a power outage and need to run the generator, so we're going to fill our diesel fuel as well. Just like preparing for winter driving in a car, we're going to make sure we are prepared for the ice and sleet storm that is certainly heading our way, according to the weatherman.

Had to postpone seeing my daughter today for the Strand, didn't want her to be driving Houston interstate with freezing sleet heading back to her home. We'll get together Saturday, the one nice day to look forward to. Nice, as in 53 degrees for the high and sunny...hey, I'll take that!  My hometown school has had four snow days already this year...wouldn't you know, they get all the snow AFTER I leave!

Well, we got underway this morning with no problems to speak propane, diesel fuel, we're good to go for anything that comes our way....we even got a movie in case we're stuck at home popcorn, gonna make some molasses cookies and HUNKER DOWN! Might even stay in my jammies for a good part of the day!  (Oh, boy! says E. Do I get to take a photo of that?) No way, Jose! Since it's so crappy everywhere, I'll leave you with a beautiful photo from sunnier days just two weeks ago..This was from the Naples Botanical Garden where it was 83 degrees yesterday! (That's too hot! says Sparky...SH-H-H-H-H-H, says E. We don't want to tick off our blog readers!) We should have stayed in Naples, me thinks!  Be safe everyone.....

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  1. I love jammie days. I try to take them as often as possible. Work a jig-saw, watch a movie, eat whatever you want. My kind of day. Stay warm..