Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Strand Scene


Although it warmed up today, low fifties, Kerry and I still bundled up to go see the Strand district which is an avenue on Strand Street in Galveston. There are several blocks of stores, museums, shops, restaurants and galleries--the usual tee shirt/beach/shell stores, one really cool store with a lot of nautical themed merchandise, a couple of neat bar and grills, and one old drugstore called Star Drugs, which has a lot of history behind that. There are more antique stores and shopping but that will have to wait for another day. I bought a beautiful sea shell appetizer serving knife. There was a store with a lot of Vera Bradley purses that got my attention. It was close, I almost paid full retail price for a new purse to replace my worn old one, BUT I restrained myself and didn't buy it. I can get a new one on ebay for about half the retail price. I really don't like to shop and hate malls, but give me picturesque historical buildings with unique architecture filled with little boutiques and I'll go, especially if I have my daughter to go exploring with!
Shop on Strand Street
I liked this store because it was filled with colors of the sea--aquamarines and blues of all shades...I really enjoyed walking around with Kerry....we found out a lot about each other that we didn't know likes, dislikes, personal tastes in things. She used to live in Las Vegas and I didn't get to see her much over the past three years. When I did see her it was always so rushed, so we've been catching up on a lot of things. She got to see me aging gracefully, (HA! I tripped over a step or two and hobbled down some stairs with my bad knee) and she teased me about getting O  ---  ---.  I said, just wait till you hit 60, kiddo!

Strand Street has more interesting places and nooks and crannies that we didn't get to see today. Maybe we'll head back on another day to see more....Saw my friend Zoltar, the fortune telling guy again...(he gets around, doesn't he?) We had lunch at the Fisherman's Wharf. The food was excellent, and the dining room upstairs is right next to Houston's dock for its tall ship, the Elissa. Unfortunately, the Elissa was in dry dock for repairs...but a great view of the harbor in this restaurant. The Carnival cruise ship Ecstasy was docked right next door on the other side.

Tomorrow, Kerry and her fiance are coming over to see the RV and have lunch with us...looking forward to spending time with both of them...until then.....stay warm....

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