Friday, February 11, 2011

Old Town Spring

Colorful, aren't they?
Kerry wanted to show me Old Town Spring today, so off I went to take in the historical shopping village by that name. In the seventies, some of the old houses in Spring, TX were restored and opened as shops. By 1989, this section of town was a tourist attraction. Today, there are 150 specialty shops, galleries, and restaurants in Old Town Spring. And I do mean specialized! The German Gift House is all things German. I didn't check that out, but should have, as I have a strong German background (and the stubborn gene as well! says E.). Who, moi? There's Just for the Birds which specializes in birds, butterflies, squirrels and bat items, Asian Antiques, and Connie's Bath Shop which had a bazillion rubber duckies, some very famous, all kinds of bath soaps, creams and scrubs. Kerry said sometimes they have the Sesame Street "Rubber Ducky" song playing...they had an outdoor bubble machine going that was dispersing bubbles all around the front of the store...cute!
Celebrity Rubber Duckies
The stores had great names, too! How could you not resist going into a shop called Artsy Phartsy? Well, it was hard, but I didn't...Does the Loose Caboose sound appealing? I thought so! For the guys, there was The Dugout, a sports memorabilia store. I missed one important one, which was probably a good thing--GRS Creations--a store that specializes in unique quilting fabric...oh, boy! I could have done a LOT of damage in that store! As Kerry doesn't sew, she probably wasn't aware of that one...(Whew! That was close! says E.) A really cute store that we passed on our way back to the car was for dog lovers...a store called Woof!

It was a cold, but sunny day...a great day for spending time with my daughter..she had to get back home to study, so off I went back to Dickinson, about an hour and fifteen minute drive back to our campground to see how Eldo fared for the day, and how many Solitaire games he racked up on his ipad..(I'd rather not say, says the man)  See you later....warm weather is still eluding us..high today only 38...gonna have to find more indoor activities for us, E.! (Fine by me....says he....)


  1. It sounds like a fun place to visit and to shop. What a great thing to do with old houses that would otherwise have been torn down by now, and a shopping mall put up.

  2. 38 degrees is very warm to those of us in the Great White Frozen North! We haven't even seen 5 degrees in many days and wind chill has been subzero!

  3. Love the shops. I think I could spend the whole day just browsing. Reminds me of the Big Dirty.