Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cookies and Jammies

Eldy's domestic goddess, HA!
I'm gonna have to work into the jammies all day thing...just not quite able to do that dad used to get us five kids up early every day and get to work doing chores and things on the weekends when we were growing up, especially if we were out on a date or with friends the night before. We would have been considered lazy if we stayed in our p.j.'s. We would have had to have been sick to do that! But I managed till about 11:00, and then got down to business--little bit of a workout, work on taxes, and then take a bike ride. Heavy jacket, thinsulate gloves, headband, I'm all set....Biked for about five miles...blustery cold winds did not keep me down! Then what do I do? Make some ginger molasses cookies and eat probably half the yield! Had a little help from my guy...Eldo likes my ginger molasses cookies! I think that's about all I'm good at making. I was "Betty Crocker Homemaker of the Year" when I was in jr. high or high school, but that was because I was the teacher's pet, I think. I really don't enjoy cooking, but I still love to collect recipes and have cupboards full of food thinking that I'm going to get cooking, but it hasn't happened yet. I seem to have lots of company in that regard, according to the women RVers I have met. Guess everybody got tuckered out from cooking dinners while raising families.

Eldy played Solitaire on his ipad to keep busy....he's played 3, 517 games since he got it. I keep telling him he needs to get another game loaded to have some variety in his life! It's hard to talk him into trying something else. We tried Angry Birds...I really enjoyed that and did it for awhile, and he tried it. But after his granddaughter raced through most of the levels in just a few hours, WE lost interest. Nothing like getting beat at your own game by a youngster!....We're open to suggestions for apps for the ipad...tell us your favorites!

Icy fronds
The palms are suffering but with warmer weather coming, I'm sure they will recover...we saw the parrots briefly this morning, but they are laying low as well..haven't seen them since...haven't see much of them for the past two days, actually....Kerry is coming over tomorrow...we're going to the Strand, a great shopping district on Galveston Island, where Eldy and I rode bikes last week and saw the beautiful houses. Guess there are some really great boutiques and it's just a neat part of town. It's down near the docks where the big cruise ships come in.

Speaking of cruises, Galveston is a very attractive port for the cruise ships. They are now having cruises depart from Galveston for the Caribbean. It's a lot more affordable for Texans and neighboring states to come to Houston and then depart on a cruise with the port being as close as a car trip for so many. Just for fun, Eldy looked at cruise prices for a week to the Caribbean and there were some amazing last minute deals for seniors leaving from Galveston--around $400.00+ including taxes for a one week cruise to the Caribbean! Wow!
Voyage of the Seas--Royal Caribbean
I've never been on a cruise, but Eldy used to be an independent travel agent for the cruise lines. He's had LOTS of experience and travel on these...these ships are pretty amazing..he's told me lots of things about them...some day I'd love to go to Alaska on one...(What? Hunh? What did you say? Were you talking to me? says E.) Just kidding...he's a great listener!  He's fussing about the weather this's 72 degrees in Naples, it's warmer in Rapid City, South Dakota than it is here...etc., etc.....I'm thinking of starting a new blog EXTREME WEATHER...It would be a collective blog and RVers would report in from all over the country. At this point in time, there's really no good place to be except really southern Florida....even Arizona is COLD and they are running out of natural gas for people's homes! Enough about the weather...let's go shopping, Kerry!  (uh, how long are you going to be shopping? says E.)  He's wondering how much damage can I do in four hours....not much, got car insurance due this month! And besides, I'm not into shopping except for crafts. (THAT'S the understatement of the year! She's been to Hobby Lobby three times in three days! says E.)   See you at the Strand....


  1. It's true that women who have raised families and spent a lot of time cooking, are really tired of it when they get older. I have no doubt that is the cause of my anemia - I don't eat right, at least consistently. I love to collect those recipes though - it must be a girlie thing!

  2. Sorry your jammie day didn't go well. You are missing out on a great relaxing day. The cookies sound great. You should post your recipe.

  3. I think we must be twins!
    1)Can't do PJ's all day. Not only does it make me feel lazy but I begin to act lazy.
    2) Had a dad who got me up to help clean the house every saturday morning no matter how late I'd been out during my teen years.
    3) go out to bike or run and come back and eat some sweet that puts back at least 150% of the calories I just got rid of.
    4) not so much into cooking anymore. I "resigned" after 25 years.
    5) $400 week-long cruise sounds great to me and I've been on an Alaska cruise and it was wonderful

    BUT perhaps we're just fraternal rather than identical twins since I HATE to SHOP! :-)