Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kemah Boardwalk Revisited

These people are nuts!
One of my elementary grade school friends lives in Houston, and when we were first thinking of coming to the area, he invited us to get together at Landry's, at the Kemah boardwalk. Of course we'd love to do that! I hadn't seen him in about 45 years, give or take a few, so we met for dinner. Eldy and I walked around the boardwalk and watched the kids on the rides while we were waiting for our friends to arrive. It was fun to see the Kemah boardwalk at night. It was not crowded at all and most of the rides were going. I'm not a ride person. Anything that drops suddenly or corkscrew twists it absolutely, unequivocably OUT! Now Eldy IS a ride person, but even though I love him to pieces, I ain't gonna ride something that is going to make me pee my pants or throw up. So he just had to watch as well. We watched The Inverter (photo at the left) swing people back and forth higher and higher, then turning them completely upside down and HOLDING them there for what seemed an eternity, then swung them back down again. Ugh! I was losing my appetite quickly. Then we watched people ride up a 140 ft. tower called The Drop Zone and then the machine released the brackets holding the platform of people and they went into a freefall drop that stopped at the last minute.  I thought I was going to throw up! [I've always been an empathetic person, so I really felt their nausea.] That little girl in the photo who looks absolutely full of glee on the ride up? She went on it TWICE!

They've got a really OLD wooden roller coaster there as well---I pass!  BAWK, BAWK! BAWK! What the heck was that? (Chicken, says E.) Yep, that's me! Here's another view of the this time, I was really feeling woozy, so it was time to head indoors for dinner....

We met my friend Dana Beebe and his significant other, Stania at Landry's. We had a great time. We didn't do as much reminiscing, as we talked about his business, DTC--The Deepwater Technology Company and then conversation moved to  how life brings us to where we are currently...which for both of us, is in a wonderful place...Eldy and I retired and living our dreams of traveling and seeing the country, Dana being CEO of his own company and making the world a better place with his company's developing technologies at the forefront of future subsea technology....We talked a lot about how difficult it was to find the right person in our lives, too...that sometimes you have to go through a lot of life's more unpleasant experiences to eventually find the right person to share your life with, and when the time is right, you will! And we both have!  It was a wonderful evening spent in great company.....Thank you, Dana and Stania!
Jeannie and childhood friend, Dana
The nice weather continues...we'll see what's happening tomorrow!.......bye for now.......

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  1. Looks like a great place for me to stay away from. I'm with you on the rides. Just looking at the pictures gives me the creeps.