Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Movie Tavern

Movie Tavern? Interesting concept! Convert a movie theater into a dinner theater complete with drinks, beer, and wine, a variety of menu items from sliders to quesadillas to desserts, and watch the movie while you eat a complete meal! There are tables in front of you, a little on the high side as far as sitting at a table when you are in comfortable movie seats, but big enough for two people to have everything they need to eat...Eldy had a cheeseburger and the best popcorn he ever had, he says, Kerry had chips and spinach artichoke dip, and I had the chicken quesadilla. It was all very delicious! We watched the movie The Eagle. This movie starring Tatum Channing (a handsome, not as well known actor) Donald Sutherland, and Jamie Bell, is about a Roman soldier trying to redeem the honor of his fallen father and his regiment...there's more to the plot, but it was nice to see a guy's (?) movie for a change that doesn't have a single important female role in it. You know, where a beautiful woman falls in love with the man, they run from something or someone, she trips and falls, he has to stop and rescue her, putting himself in danger, yada yada yada. Nope, not a single important female. It's all about male bonding in this movie, based on similar times and scenes from the Gladiator or The Centurion. We really enjoyed it and the dinner! I've never seen anything quite like that where dinner is served and a movie watched at the same time. You would think the wait staff would be intrusive while you are trying to watch the movie, but they aren't.  You push a button at the table for service, if you need it, and they only wait on you when you want them to. The bill is served towards the end of the movie, and very discreetly so it truly was an enjoyable experience....The Movie Tavern, on Tomball Parkway, in Houston, TX....

Earlier today, we had to take my bike to the bike shop to get a punctured tire fixed. Somehow I picked up a big spiked nail on the side roads around here and WHO-O-O-SH! Flat in no time, got a nice mile walk in back to the campground....We went to Webster Bike Shop on Nasa Parkway, after checking around on the internet. It seemed to be the closest store that we knew our way around town to find. Terrific selection of bikes...wow! The store was huge, and bikes everywhere--up in the air, down on the ground....Great service and fast, too...very reasonable...boy, did they have interesting bikes there!...if you are interested, check out the Brompton bike on their website..it's a portable bike, but I have no idea how much they cost, I just liked the photo of it! It's made in London, so it's probably expensive. (Why does she always gravitate towards the expensive stuff?  asks E.) I have no idea. I'm strongly attracted to the visual side of things--color, design, shape, THEN I look to see  how much it costs. I like it but I don't buy it! I recognize good stuff when I see it! That's why I'm with my Eldy!  (Awwwwww.....)

Busy day....great to see Kerry again....we'll wait a few days, let her get some more studying done, then hook up with her later. It's over an hour's drive one way, and the traffic can be TERRIBLE with different highways shutting down at different times of the day for construction...in the mean time, it's going to be in the sixties coming up in the next couple of days and SUNNY--woo-hoo! AND, NO WIND!!!!! (See photo on the right)  Time to maybe see the dolphins, ride the free ferry boat to Bolivar Island, head over to Galveston State Park, who knows where Eldo wants to go?  We'll see tomorrow!

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  1. What an interesting idea, a dinner movie. Wish you'd have been able to get a picture of the inside of the place. I would definitely check it out were I there.

    Sorry about your flat but sounds like it was a nice place to go for a walk :-)