Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunny Galveston

Today we went exploring some more in Galveston. We wanted to check out the Galveston Island State Park so we did! Five dollars a person gets you into the park...there are somewhat rough biking trails, nothing paved...there is still a lot of damage from Hurricane Ike in 2008. Trees are dead, there is very little shade in the park, but there are some nice campgrounds and the views of the bay and the beach are beautiful. There are kayak and canoe paddling trails. With a map and GPS coordinates provided by the park, even a directionally challenged person like me could go out paddling and not get lost! Prices are reasonable in the campgrounds, ranging from 15.00 a day for just water, to about 25.00 a day for water and electric on the beach side.

We love the beautiful houses that are being built along the bay drive coming back into Galveston. Just out of curiosity, we drove into a place called Beachside Village and picked up a piece of literature that sounded too good to be true! It was a listing of the LOT prices...they have reverted back to 2003 pricing after the devastating plummeting of real estate in the area. Let's just say you wanted to buy a lot in Beachside Village, the development. Only lot prices were given off from the beach side but here's one....a lot in the center of the development that sold for $210,000 in 2009 is now selling for $99,500 this year. What a bargain! I admire anyone who is willing to stay in a hurricane hit area and start over. That takes grit and determination and a good insurance company...I'm curious as to what new construction is required to have when rebuilding in a hurricane prone location. All the new houses have metal roofs and they all are built on stilts or pylons...
Love the different colors of all these houses!
Time for more outdoor activities, Eldo! There's a golf course nearby, only 8.00 for seniors, whaddya say, dear?  Even warmer tomorrow...sixties! see you on the golf course?  (I'm getting rusty! Sparky says)

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