Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Evening Ferry Ride

While Eldy enjoyed the Daytona 500 (I'm a little out of sequence on my blog for the moment, bear with me), I ventured out but not for long, to get a couple of craft things...Speaking of the Daytona 500, isn't it wonderful that a kid who just had his 20th birthday the day before, can make it to the front of the line? (with some lucky breaks) I'm not a big NASCAR fan but do enjoy watching an occasional race...I watched the finish, and I think Eldy got almost as excited for this young kid, Trevor Bayne, the winner did! I thought it was cute that he didn't know where to take his car after the finish. This is a kid who didn't have enough sponsors for the rest of the season, but I bet he will now! He seems like a kid with a really good head on his shoulders, one with values, based on his victory speech....nice to see....

Dolphins following a sailboat
After the race, we decided to go for an early evening ferry ride, back on the Galveston ferry....this time we walked on, as we wanted to just ride the ferry a couple of times back and forth, hoping to watch one or two or all three cruise ships take off out of the harbor. No such luck! The cruise ships were all lit up like Christmas trees, but going nowhere, due to fog delays earlier in the day, causing harbor channel traffic snafus for a bit. But the ferry ride was very entertaining, as usual. The ferry is like a microcosm of our world, with many different cultures on board... It's fun to people watch---a young mother with her little son hoping to catch some glimpses of dolphins--I told her where to watch at what part of the trip, having now become a temporary expert dolphin watcher/ferry rider! The three Asian guys with one mammoth Canon SLR camera and lens speaking Japanese, the Hispanic families speaking rapid Spanish who had just come from the beach dressed in not much more than bathing suits and towels wrapped around them, the older couple that looked like they were Mennonites along for the trip, and many others..the ferry was packed!

I loved watching the gal feeding the gulls at the back of the boat with the frothy wake, although I kept a little distance away in case they decided to poop! That didn't seem to happen where we were watching, which I find surprising. They took bread right from her fingertips....we saw a beautiful sunset on the shipping channel...
We finally got a little cold and had to go inside the ferry. Only my hands were cold, so Eldy warmed them up for me...Aw-w-w-w....he's such a sweetie...You know what they say, "Cold hands, warm heart"....that's my guy, Eldy....I'm lucky to have him....one more visit with Kerry, and then we will be on the road, heading through Texas towards New Mexico. Bye for now.....

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  1. The picture of the lady feeding the gulls is fantastic. I loved the race Sunday too..such a sweet kid.