Friday, February 4, 2011

Bad Hair Day

Everybody has these--bad hair days...women, especially, I guess. With all the extreme icy weather and the TV newscasters warning everyone to stay home, I got bored and thought, I'll give myself a haircut and save some money! Just a trim to get me a few more weeks till I need to get a haircut. Now, when you have really short hair, and you've been getting your haircut pretty much the same way for over 30 years, and you are an astute visual learner (ha ha), you learn to be able to do a passable job trimming your hair in the front and sides, but the back is another story...that's where I hold up a mirror, grab a hank of hair and cut, then look to see what I've done. Usually, I can do a really good job of just using scissors and doing a front and sides trim, holding off on getting a professional haircut for another couple of weeks. I don't know what possessed me, but the last haircut I got in St. Pete's Beach at Christmas time was the best haircut I've ever had and inspired me. She used a barber's electric clippers and just ran it all over my head basically, then went back and shaped and thinned and moussed and it was a great haircut! It even grew out evenly and still looked nice weeks's the decent haircut although a little windblown.....

Hm-m-m-m....We have a barber kit on board. I cut Eldy's hair doesn't look too bad usually. He gets really nervous at first, but after we're all done, it looks fine and he's ok with it. He lets me cut it if he doesn't feel like going to a barber. I use graduated "sleds"...even know how to use the angled sleds to cut around the ears...keeping in mind that Eldy doesn't have much hair so he always looks great afterwards...So-o-o-o, out come the clippers with no Eldy around to caution me against doing my own hair. Zipped up the sides...hmmmmm, doesn't look too bad...think I'll reach around the back...WOW! that's quite a bit of hair coming off....well, I'm into it now, might as well keep going....I've got the 1/2" sled on the clippers...Oh, SH--!  Guess that's really too short, but I've got to keep it even all the way around. Take a deep breath, keep going, keep going... I should have started with the 5/8.  Now, the front----oh, CRAP! I did my bangs and somehow took a big chunk out of the front...ew-w-w-w! Maybe I can mousse it and make it look "piecey" as my daughter, Kelly says...Oh, well! It will grow back...I'm too embarrassed to go see a beautician, it's too short and they won't be able to do anything about it...and I'll have to hear them say, "Hm-m-m-mm...Who did your hair last time?" Which really means,"Oh, my god, lady, who cut your hair? You really got a bad haircut!" That actually was said to me the last time I cut my hair and then went to the beautician a few weeks think I would have learned my lesson, but NO-O-o-o-o, I'm a slow learner, what can I say!?

So, I call my sis to whine...and she says, "Oh, you have such a cute adorable face, it won't matter!"  I love my sis, she's the best...I'm smiling, but inwardly, I'm wincing...I'm gonna have to fix the back tomorrow. (Do you want me to try and fix it, honey? says E.) No thank you, dear, but at this point, zero experience in trimming hair is probably better than a little experience. I think I will enlist my daughter's help on Saturday to try and fix the back, or maybe I'll just head to the bathroom with the scissors.......("What are you doing in the bathroom, honey?" calls out E.) "What do you think!?" I reply, and let him think otherwise....

We rented the movie "Red" and watched it tonight while waiting for the sleet and ice that was supposed to come late this afternoon, but hasn't made it here yet...very entertaining and quite the cast...if you like action movies touched with a bit of humor, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich or Bruce Willis, you might like this one...we thoroughly enjoyed it. As the night went on, we heard the sleet come in and by this morning, the roads were ice covered and the local TV coverage stated that three out of four lanes were shut down on some of the expressways. They closed parts of the beltway (major thoroughfare thru Houston) and the toll road in and around Houston. There are people that are stranded on the beltway in their cars for hours because there's no room for them to turn around or move. They have emergency personnel trying to help..what a mess! Tomorrow looks to be a brighter day as temperatures are going to get to the fifties, if we're lucky!  See you at the Strand, hopefully...


  1. Your haircut looks pretty good in the picture - is that the one you got professionally cut? Dontcha know it's winter time and you can catch cold cutting your hair too short? You can always tie a bandana around your head, gypsy style, tee hee.

  2. Ah, convinced me to not try this approach myself. LOL@ I hate going to new hairdressers and always figure "it will grow". LOL! I wear mine even shorter than you...

    Hang in there, let the bangs grow for a week or two and then get someone to clean them up. You do have a perfect face for short hair, though!

  3. Me too! I think both cuts look fine on you. I've been cutting my own with a Flowbee which I think is a lot easier than what you were doing. First couple of times I really like the cut. The last couple, not so much. But I have to admit, I didn't take as much care these last two times.

    But who cares, I don't have to look at me! :-) Now that IS one of the nice things about passing 50, at least for me. I care even less what other people think.