Friday, September 23, 2011

We're at the Fair!-Grounds

Wish we were at a summer county fair--they are always so fun with the crowds, the food, the midway, the live entertainment! You can almost smell the cotton candy, corn dogs and brats if you imagine hard enough! We are at the Celina, OH fairgrounds for Nick Russell's Gypsy Journal Eastern Rally.

We came in early to make sure we had adequate power as there was some question about the fairgrounds being underpowered for lots of big rigs. We were initially expecting to have only 20 or 30 amp, but the fairgrounds has upgraded their facilities since the last time Nick's rally was held here two years ago. There are LOTS more 50 and 30 amp sites available so it's not a problem....terrific! It's a pretty fairgrounds and the sites have lots of shade. No sewer or water hookup, just electric. But we happened to get a site with 50 amp so no worries about the residential fridge.
I just walked around today, rode my bike a little, and went over to a very nice track to watch some horses being trained. They were beautiful animals....
A beautiful day, glad we got to enjoy it....Weather Channel says it is supposed to be crappy all week, rain every single day during the rally! Thought maybe if I said that, our luck will change...we'll see!  See you in Celina for the next six days and we'll keep you posted as to the happenings..rally officially starts Monday.


  1. We have never been there and lived in Ohio are entire least until be began full timing. We really enjoy staying in fair grounds. They are usually so nice and the people wonderful. Hope you have a great time at the rally! Enjoy.

  2. Glad to hear you got a 50amp site. Hope both the rally and Nick are great. How many other folks are expected???

  3. Have fun! We have enjoyed some great rallies at fairgrounds.