Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Five Hundred Miles, Five Hundred Miles?????

Remember I said we were going to travel through Minnesota and Wisconsin yesterday? We WERE going to stay overnight at a casino  in Joliet, Illinois, but Eldy decided he wanted to keep going, keep going, and he kept going, just like the Energizer bunny....We didn't do quite five hundred miles today, (You mean I didn't quite do five hundred miles, but I did do 430! says E.) That's quite an accomplishment, in my opinion! I don't know how the man does it, but he LOVES to drive! And no, nobody can borrow my Eldy to do their driving for them!

There wasn't much to see out on the road today....but lots and LOTS of corn, a familiar sight to us Hoosiers. (We've both spent much of our lives living in Indiana so we still consider ourselves "Hoosiers" even though we now both are officially South Dakota residents. Our hearts will always be in Indiana where our families grew up.....

I WAS going to offer to drive today, but when I realized that we were going NEAR Chicago, on interstate 80 on our way through Illinois, I decided to retract my offer...(Uh, you actually didn't even mention it! laughs E.) Nope, honey, didn't want to disturb your terrific momentum you had going. The man is like a machine!...Four hundred thirty miles later, we are in Elkhart, IN in a VERY nice campground--the Elkhart Campground in the city of Elkhart, IN. It's a Good Sam's park, but the rate, even with that, is about 30.00 a night. We are on a big corner lot, cement pad, full hookups, although 30 amp, our choice, with one of the few fire pits in the campground. This is the campground we will  be staying at after the Celina, OH Gypsy Journal Rally next week. We'll be coming back to stay in Elkhart the entire month of October. The monthly rate is 425.00 at this campground which is a great rate and well within our budget. We're close to Amish country, many excellent restaurants, (Uh-oh! There goes the budget moans E.) and most importantly, friends and family...We'll be here for two nights so we're just going to take it easy tomorrow and rest and relax....Unless Sparky finds something that captures our interest! (She probably will, folks!)


  1. All I can say is my butt is tired just reading about it. Glad you are safe and happy

  2. That may be close to my record in five years. Normally we do 250 or so a day. Our last run was 370 and I thought that was crazy.

    Enjoy the rest period:)

  3. Long days of driving are no fun ... we did that much and more in our cross-country trip to bring our Phaeton home from Oregon ... had no choice since we were on a tight schedule and had to get back to work. Hopefully, won't have many of those days after we're on the road fulltime.

  4. We did that much the first year we traveled but NOT NOW! Slow are making me nervous!

  5. Well I have to say that it was a long drive but I know two people that were really happy last night with the suprise. Even though I was exhausted and am today, I could not have asked for a better end to a long day. Not seeing you guys for 11 months there was not way I was not driving the 45 minutes to see you last night. I am so glad your home. Love you both and have sure missed you. Looking forward to the next month having you home. Kristi

  6. 430 is a LOT of miles for one day in an RV! Our goal is 250 per day, anything more than that gets to feel like a marathon. Gary also loves to drive! Me, I'm fine with the co-pilot's seat.
    Enjoying your Blog!