Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nothing Could be Finer Than a Sunday in Celina.....

It's raining, it's pouring, the "old man is snoring"....Well, not at this very moment...but he does admit to snoring on occasion. First, I give a hard tug on the covers, that usually moves him a little and he rolls over. If that doesn't work, then I have his permission to give him a hard push. Depending on how hard and how long he's been snoring, it might even be a REALLY hard push or a shove with my foot! (What she REALLY means is she kicks me! And just for the record, I did tell her to do that! says E.)  That seems to definitely work. Eldy doesn't have sleep apnea, he just snores or breathes extremely heavy now and then. (No jokes about that please!) Most of the time if I fall asleep first, I don't hear it, so not very many night's sleep is lost.

When we first started full timing, he snored a LOT and I had to use ear plugs. We run a fan all night long that has a constant blowing sound. It's great for knocking out outdoor noises. It enables us to have open windows if we want and we still don't hear traffic or fighting cats or whatever. It really helps me sleep, that white noise. But it didn't quite knock out the sound of Eldy's snoring, so I went to work on getting him to lose some weight.  I read that the soft tissue in the throat shrinks and doesn't vibrate as much if you lose some weight, and if you snore, that is one of a doctor's first recommendations. (E. says, I gotta see that in print!)  I quit cooking big meals (Whaddya mean "big meals"? She just about quit cooking altogether!) No comment, says Sparky, other than I admit I hate to cook. But my sparkling personality helps make up for some of that, right, honey? (No comment!) :-) Did I just hear your STOMACH growl?  I got him out hiking and biking and we've both lost some weight this past year. Mission accomplished! Minimal snoring! To be fair, I snore on occasion....but it doesn't seem to bother him, nor does it keep him awake. I also talk in my sleep BIG TIME, sometimes full sentences, but never about him. (hahahaha) I told him to push me if I keep him awake! It's all about compromise when you live in a little box on wheels, right?
Downtown Celina, OH

It's a grey, dreary day today....It's gonna rain off and on again and maybe even tomorrow, too...great day for more crafting and laundry, so that's what I'm gonna do! I did the laundry, then drove around town a little bit to see some beautiful architecture. There are some absolutely gorgeous Victorian style homes and other styles as well, in the Main Street area.

There are many different styles here and that's what's so cool about older small towns. There were some amazing architectural details like frieze work on the buildings downtown, even though it looks like an every day small town downtown. There's a lot of history behind some of these buildings! Unfortunately, I don't have a clue to that! But I can appreciate it anyway!

There was a spectacular Catholic Church nearby..The Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. I'll bet the inside is amazing....
I liked these, too....

It's Football Sunday, Eldy is getting football channels on the antenna setup, so life is good.....I headed over to Rally Central to see what I could do to help this afternoon, and they needed help with registration, so I did that. I really enjoy meeting people and joking around with them, and chatting with the ladies at the registration table.
Tomorrow is Monday, the official welcome starts at 3:00 PM and the coaches are rollin' in.....The town of Celina has welcomed Nick's Gypsy Journal Rally with open arms..all kinds of restaurant specials being offered, and the door prizes are amazing! They are giving away a Kindle, a Sea Eagle kayak, printers and all kinds of stuff! Woo-hoo! I told Nick if whoever won the kayak couldn't use it, I'd make an offer! Had my eye on an inflatable Sea Eagle for the past year....We'll see you at the rally--lots of great seminars being offered.....Should be a great week!

P.S. Eldy is not starving, folks, he gets plenty to eat....but he says he's going to have to learn how to cook, lol!


  1. Dad we will have to get you a Deep Covered Baker and you can cook lots in the microwave and it taste great. Easy and healthy. I can even teach you how to make a Loaded Baked Potato Chowder that is awesome and I know you can cook that. We will talk when you are home. Can't wait until this weekend. Love ya and have a great time. Kristi

  2. Snoring ... the bane of all couples :-)