Monday, September 26, 2011

Sparky is a WINNER!!!!

(She sure is, that's why I picked her!) Awwww, isn't he a sweetie? That's why I picked him! We had the opening ceremonies earlier today with Nick Russell, the joke meister, opening the rally. Vendors were introduced earlier this afternoon, and there's a great lineup of classes to check out. There are classes from Electrical Management Systems, to Managing Digital Photos with Picassa, What Insurance Do I Need as an RVer, to Ten Things You Should Never Do With Your Computer. There's line dancing, craft sessions, and Blogger classes. There are LOTS of choices to pick from, so Eldy and I are going to spread ourselves out and attend lots of different things!
Good attendance for prizes but some didn't show! Their loss, our gain...
This evening, Nick did the door prizes at 7:00 PM. There were a TON of prizes, so many, that every couple won something!  If you are not there, you do not win....There is one ticket per couple, and because there are so many prizes this year, everyone who was present tonight won! Including Sparky, who won a Chinese lunch buffet for two!  Of course, Sparky had to scream and jump up and down, as Nick wants the winners to get excited and draw attention to themselves so the prize runners can find them. (She did, folks, she did!) And of course, Nick had to make a joke about when he met Sparky, he "knew right away she was a screamer."

All the tickets went back into the drawing so tomorrow night we are eligible all over again. Thursday night all the tickets go back in the drawing for some grand prizes. Nick is giving away a Sea Eagle kayak, and Sparky is working the crowd, passing the word along that if whoever wins doesn't want the kayak, Sparky will make a heck of an offer!  I REALLY want to get a Sea Eagle inflatable kayak!  (Easy girl, easy! We don't want to wear out our welcome! says E.)


  1. Looks like the beginning of a great rally.

  2. Good for you, sounds like great fun.

  3. I would be thrilled with the Chinese lunch buffet! Wonder what you'll win tonight?

  4. Oh your lucky streak is on. That Sea Eagle is comin' your way!

    I may have to brave Nick's rally for those great door prizes and what sound like good seminars.

    Hope you two will report on the best and what learned from them and the rest.

    How many days is the rally? Started Monday??

  5. WOW...that is one great give away. Looks like you two are enjoying the first day. Hope all goes well the rest of the week.