Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yay Yosemite!

Bridal Veil Falls at Yosemite
As I mentioned yesterday, Eldy found a great website to plan our outing to Yosemite today...It's put out by the National Park Service and gives all kinds of information about the park. When you visit the park in the spring, you have to worry about snow in the high elevations of the park. We were limited in where we could go in the park today, so we headed to some waterfalls, where the roads were still open and in Yosemite Valley. I will say that we think spring is probably the BEST time to visit the park, as the snow melt makes for great waterfall shows and rushing streams. MOST of the waterfalls and streams dry up by late July and August, so we were in for a real treat today...we saw LOTS of waterfalls and several major ones, one of them Bridal Veil Falls and another one,Yosemite Falls.

This was a COOL (as in temperature) short hike to see the Bridal Veil falls up close. It was in the fifties because we were up so high in elevation. The falls were rushing and falling so hard over the edge that you literally were rained on as you walked up close to it because of the wind rushing around the canyon and the heavy mist coming down. People coming back down the path were soaking wet. Most did not have rain gear or a jacket, not knowing it was very cool and wet right at the falls. We didn't know either. I turned to Eldy as we started up and said, "It looks like we're gonna get wet!" Two little girls coming back down stopped in front of me and said, "YEAH! We got soaked! Feel our skin!" And they both stuck out their arms for me to compare how wet they were. We went up anyway, not wanting to miss this spectacular falls....It was THUNDERING over the cliff! And we got VERY wet!

We stopped at overlook after overlook after turnout after turnout to stand in awe of the beautiful scenery in front of us...there were quite a few people in the park visiting the meadows, staying at the local inns, stopping at the waterfalls and taking photos. It was good to see that even though the price of gas is so high, people are still coming to our national parks. We saw two mule deer in two different locations in the park....

I got to see LOTS of snow, even made a snow angel at Avalanche Creek..hm-m-m-m, wonder if that was one of the 26 avalanche zones the park service was talking about on their web site?

We probably will spend many days exploring this natural treasure. It's HUGE! And it's AMAZING! And it's GORGEOUS!  See you tomorrow in the little town of Coarsegold, CA, where the Park Sierra RV park is located. We're going to explore the little shops there....


  1. If I could only visit one NP, I think it would be Yosemite. Of course, I've been to the Grand Canyon and Zion and both of them are awesome.

  2. We had snow when we went to Yosemite and Sequoia, made it all even more magical! Park of the Sierras will be our next stop, but not for another 1 1/2 weeks. Hope you two are still there.

  3. Try the Wawoma Hotel in the park for lunch. Really good food in an old Victorian Hotel. One of our favorite spots. Also take time to look at the vintage phots on the first floor of the hotel. We stayed at Prk Sierra this time last year and loved it.