Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cool App for RVers

Well, we didn't make it to Coarsegold  just yet. We got sidetracked! Eldo, the  master researcher, has found a new app for the iphone and Android. It's called, "Oh, Ranger! Park Finder".  You can find your favorite parks based on the kinds of activities you like to do.  It's a comprehensive database of every national, state park and federal public land in America. Depending on what you like to do in the way of hiking, biking, water sports, nature, birding, you can find a park that offers those activities.  You can get this app in the Apple App Store and it's available for iphone, ipad, and Android.

There's so much information in this app, it's amazing! Here's a list:
• Park Overview for Every National Park, State Park and Federal Public Land in America
• Activities Descriptions
• Maps & Directions
• Important Phone Numbers
• Seasonality/Weather
• Lodging & Concession Information
• Non-Profit Partners
• Links to Events and Related Websites
• Related Articles
• Nearby Attractions

Here are the activities you can search for:
• Auto Touring
• Bicycling
• Bird Watching
• Boating
• Camping
• Caving
• Climbing
• Fishing
• Golfing
• Hiking
• Historic & Cultural Touring
• Horseback Riding
• Hunting
• Off Highway (OHV) Use
• Picnicking
• RVing
• Tennis
• Water Sports
• Wildlife Watching
• Winter Sports

And it's FREE in the Apple app store..have fun checking this out!  It's so cool!

We stayed home today to take care of some things around the the tall grassy weeds that were hiding ticks (maybe).  Eldy worked hard on cleaning up our site.Then he hurt his back trying to weedwhack the slippery slope on our site that was really overgrown...This is a park that depends on volunteers to keep up with the weeds and grasses and they are more than just a little behind. So we borrowed a weedwhacker.  Then Eldy lost his footing on the VERY long slippery grass and landed very hard on his keyster....ouch! He was really hurting. Nurse Sparky promptly took the weedwhacker away and said that's enough activity for today!  He had gotten a lot done, so I finished it's been a long time since I've had to do yard work. I kinda enjoyed it!  I was ready to whack half the park. Maybe they'd give us a free week if I went at it!?  Tomorrow, Coarsegold, check it out!

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  1. Downloading the app now - thanks for the recommendation!