Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Travelin' to Napa, CA?

After two weeks and two days at Park Sierra, we are ready to move a little further north. We've been waiting out the snowstorms and winds up north, and now it's time to head out. We've enjoyed our stay here very much, and we'll definitely stay here again. It's a very quiet park....we'll miss Yosemite...so much more to explore, and we'd like to find some campgrounds in the park that accept big rigs at Kings Canyon. We saw one such campground, Azalea, and there were two large coaches in there, a Newmar and another one. So we know it's possible, although it would be kind of tight maneuvering around the campground.

Petaluma Fairgrounds RV parking
RV lot gate
We checked out this morning, and headed out 145...on to highway 99, then thereabouts to 5, then to 12, then interstate 80 to 101. We were hoping to stop at Napa, a great town for seeing wineries, taking the ferry to San Francisco, and some other great things to see, but the campground we had chosen was full, darn it! Nappa Expo RV Park... Change of plans! On a little further, hopped on highway 101, and stopped in Petaluma. We had been in a steady rain with steady traffic all the way here, and Eldy was tired. We found the  Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds for 25.00 tonight, with 30 amp service and water, no sewer. Not really crazy about the "yard" we are staying in, it looks like a prison yard! It's also very muddy and full of very soft dirt. There were a few patches of pavement but the lot was overgrown and very poorly taken care of. It was a close call coming through the RV park gate as far as width of the motorhome.  But-- it seems very secure and so here we are......hopefully for just one night. We'll see what tomorrow brings, hopefully, a little break in the rain so we can do something!

Well, after one night in the "prison yard", we decided to move to another fairgrounds just a little ways up the road, in Santa Rosa, CA. We are NOW at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds RV Park for $12.50 the first night (Passport America), then 25.00 a night for the next two nights for 30 amp service, water AND sewer hookup. Once you get through the Passport discount, you can't switch over to AAA, or Good Sam's discount, one discount is all you get, but that's ok. Some of the other parks in the area are more pricey, so this is still under budget (30.00 a night) for us. The fairgrounds RV parking at the Sonoma Fairgrounds is MUCH nicer. It's not very busy at all right now. Thanks to Rick and Paulette for previous information about this park. We really like it! Here's our new site for the next couple of days, maybe longer.

We'll see you tomorrow.....


  1. Very nice site you are staying in. Hope you can get some exploring in.

  2. Don't know if you're followers of the Food Network's "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives", but you're in Guy Fieri's hometown! I'm blanking on the names of his two places, but I think one is Johnny Garlic's. Santa Rosa is a great town in a beautiful county. Enjoy!