Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where's Sparky Today?

Sparky is in bed with a terrible sinus headache, nausea and stomach upset...first time sick in over a year....could be something she ate, could be altitude sickness, (but that's usually more common over 8,000 feet and we didn't go that high, AND we've been acclimating ourselves to the changes in elevation....) She hasn't moved out of that bed but once or twice all day. Eldy says that's the slowest he's ever seen her move....(well that's because I feel like a Mack truck ran over me...)

So sorry for the short blog today, here's a couple of pretty photos from around the RV park and Oakhurst...the cactus are at El Cid's, a fantastic Mexican restaurant in Oakhurst heading out of town to go to Yosemite where they have a beautiful garden to look at out a huge picture window. There are finch feeders right outside the window, so it's very entertaining to watch the birds, if you are into that sort of thing. The food was delicious!....Sparky will be back in rare form tomorrow, we hope!
Here's that interesting shrub again after a rain, its blooms are really starting to show, too!

Cactus about ready to burst forth in bloom
Here's the cactus garden in full bloom in the back of El Cid Mexican restaurant....

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  1. get better quick. I took some cactus pictures too. But, haven't posted them yet.