Thursday, May 5, 2011

Coarsegold, CA

Delight-ful Treasures antique shop in Coarsegold
If you blink, you might pass Coarsegold's little shopping area on your way to Yosemite National Park. We didn't blink, so we stopped to see what was in town.  Some great little shops to see...a beautiful antique store called Delight-ful Treasures, (the owner's name was Delight Dugovic),  there were little clothing boutiques, a drive through coffee shop, a little ice cream sandwich shop, a small market and just some interesting little places to see. There was a little flea market going as well, but everybody had a very relaxed attitude about selling anything, as about half the little flea market shops were closed. If you want a little more excitement, you could go to the casino called Chukchansi on your way into town. That's an interesting looking casino. They have shrouds of netting over the entire casino at the top floors due to problems with swarming swallows building their mud nests in the eaves and nooks and crannies everywhere you look. The birds are a protected species, so they are making themselves at home at the casino. Despite their best efforts to discourage the nesting, the owners are losing the battle with the birds!

The proprietor taking a nap, no customers!
Spring is really here in Coarsegold. All the trees are blossoming, the bushes are budding and blooming. It's a beautiful drive from the SKP park to town...the day we went to town, more than half the stores were closed but we still enjoyed the wisteria vines that grew over archways, the cute sign by a little shop that expressed a little attitude, and the smallest floral shop I've ever seen.....There was a neat little thrift shop I stopped in to see and ended up buying a little woolen cap to use for felting for fifty cents.
Back to Yosemite tomorrow to see some more falls and maybe bike around a bit, we'll see....Thanks for all of you who enjoy the blog enough to follow us and thanks for the compliments we get sometimes for our photos and blog. We'd also like to thank those of you who may not be followers but read us from time to time and send us interesting comments and occasional advice! Thanks for being part of the blogging community in one way or another. We really appreciate everybody's interest...Sparky and Eldo

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