Sunday, May 1, 2011

Coarsegold, CA-25 Miles from Yosemite!

Snow on the mountains in the Sierra Nevadas in the distance
We had a relatively easy drive today from Bakersfield to Coarsegold, CA. California 58 to California 99 to California 41, and the only thing difficult about it was some of the highway was in extremely rough condition...I hate that...When you stop, you have to SLO-O-O-OWLY open the fridge as everything has tumbled around inside and fallen everywhere but where it's supposed to be. I've resisted getting baskets to hold things--and the extension bars we used to use in the old RV don't fit the extremely wide double door residential fridge we have now. But I just may have to get something to hold things more securely!
our site at Park of the Sierras

We are staying at the Escapees (SKP) Park in Coarsegold, CA., Park of the Sierras. It is 26 miles from the south entrance of Yosemite National Park. We are staying for a weekly rate of $96.00. WOW! Can't beat that unless you are boondocking somewhere. The SKP park is beautiful...rustic, natural, not as landscaped as the last Escapees Park in Aguanga...very hilly, but we didn't have any trouble getting into our site. It's beautiful here--spring is in full swing, all the trees are fresh with new leaves, the honeysuckle is in full bloom and it is all over the park. The trees are mature and huge. There are a ton of beautiful birds here as well. I might be doing some bird watching!

We're looking forward to spending some time here. We haven't had a chance to explore the town of Coarsegold, yet, but it looks interesting from a trip we took to the grocery two days we will be checking out literature, doing research about the park, and deciding what plans to make.
dusk in the park
Eldy has already found out that some of Yosemite is closed off to visitors because of snow, and that you are required to have chains to be in some areas of the park. Chains? I haven't heard of those since my dad used to put them on our cars for Chicago area winters in the 50's! I guess out west they are a necessity still!

That's it for is supposed to be great this rain, temps gradually climbing from the seventies to the high eighties. Perfect for hiking and exploring a great national park! See you tomorrow....


  1. Take your pillows, put them in a plastic bag and put them in your fridge. You'll get cool pillows and they'll hold all the contents toward the back. Use the plastic bags so you don't get catsup and mustard on your pillow cases.

  2. Ah yes chains, obviously you haven't lived in the country or down a long drive way or in the mountains even of Virginia. Even 4wheel drive won't get you out of some places. Chains to get us out the 3/4 mile driveway and into work were one of the things we happily left behind.

    What a great price on that park. Can't wait to read about all you do.