Monday, January 31, 2011

Time to Hunker Down

My daughter, Kerry
I'm glad I got to see my daughter today...the weather is really going to turn crappy starting tomorrow. We won't feel like being outside, that's for sure! She's got to study for her classes for the next couple of days, so we'll get together again Thursday afternoon to do The Strand, a terrific shopping area in downtown Galveston. Antiques, boutiques, fun, fun, fun! We just hung out today, I visited her apartment and her Alaskan Husky--Domino, who has beautiful blue eyes. She's a sweetheart! (That's Kerry AND the dog!) We talked up a storm, then went to lunch at the Five Guys Burger and Fries....

She's laughing and then giving me THE LOOK after telling me, NO MORE PHOTOS! Guess I obsess a little sometimes on taking photos of EVERYTHING! I was taking a couple of photos where we ate lunch today, at Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and she just had a fit! "MOM! You are being really ADD.  STOP TAKING SO MANY PHOTOS!"  Well, she just doesn't understand that I didn't take enough photos when she and her sister were little, so guess I'm trying to make up for that now...when you digital scrapbook AND blog, you tend to look at everything thru a photographer's eyes, and always the thought, "Oh, that would be good for the blog" or "Oh, that would make a great photo for a scrapbook page." Sometimes I get a little carried away with worrying about having something to write about. I shouldn't, I've already got two paragraphs written, and those days when I fuss about not having anything to say, I end up having plenty of thoughts to put down...OK, Kerry...truce on the photo taking until you come HERE and then Eldy is going to take some mother/daughter photos!

Ever notice how many bloggers are always talking about the weather? When you are in a 40 ft. home, you tend to worry more about the weather. You worry if you don't have heated bays because of the pipes and water, you worry if you DO have heated bays because of the water freezing coming INTO the coach. You worry about the engine block heater if you are going traveling the next day when it's cold. You worry about water freezing on the awnings and toppers. We worry about the wind doing some damage to the awning toppers. Eldy got some rope and some bungees to tie down the loosest one which is over our bedroom. That was an idea passed along to us by a friend--thanks, Gary! We may end up bungeying (darn you spell checker! I swear that is a new verb!) some more toppers...It was 73 degrees and sunny's the weather for the next 36 hours in Galveston--dense fog advisory till tomorrow morning, visibility less than 1/4 mile....hard freeze watch Tuesday night through Wed. morning, blustery northwest winds 25-35 miles an hour with occasional higher gusts will send wind chill temperatures into the single digits and teens...another possible hard freeze Wed. night..."Remember to take care of plants, pets, pipes, and people," says the Weather Channel. Now, lest someone think I'm complaining about the weather, NOT! I'm a former Chicago suburbs gal, northern Indiana lake effect snow gal, and I love snow, remember? Just thought it was interesting weather down here. My daughter says it's like that a lot...sunny and warm, then blustery and cold. Bet it's hard to grow stuff down here! We'll see what tomorrow brings...I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't talking tornado watch by tomorrow....see you later....


  1. You're missing a heckuva storm that's going to hit Chicago snd the Midwest! And being a snow girl originally, I'm sitting here freezing in the 50's in Sacramento!

  2. Pass on the "tie-down" for the slide awnings, please. Or if you already posted it, remind me which post it's in. We're going to be in windy area over the next couple of months, and this info could prove very valuable.


    Selene, NC

  3. We just got some nylon rope..measured the length to be longer than the awning topper, then tied the bungy cord to the end of each rope. We used a 24" bungy cord. The bungy is under the bottom of the slide, hooked to the slide bar. Nothing to it. But the wind today is terrible, 25-35 mph. and we haven't heard a peep from the awning topper.