Monday, January 3, 2011

Maximum Fun at Maximo Park

Eldy surprised me this morning and said he had part of our day planned out...That was a nice surprise...he usually just plans the RV stays and campgrounds, and I am the "recreational director"...I said, where are we going? And he says, to one of the top rated disc golf courses here in St. Petersburg...and I said, "YES!" Eldy has bought his own discs, so now the competition is on....we went to Maximo Park in St. Petersburg...this park has an 18 hole course that is highly rated, which means LOTS of obstacles and barriers like trees. Or, in this case, PALMS...I actually found my disc in this mess! We didn't keep score today..Eldy has to get used to his new discs...He bought a driver, a mid range disc and a putter. You can buy all kinds of discs to hook left or fade right. Some guy in the sporting goods store told us about a huge disc golf store north of Clearwater, right on 19, but we won't be visiting it this time....but I COULD use a midrange driver, and a disc that fades right...that will have to go on next year's Santa list....
This is a beautiful park off I-275, exit exit away from Fort DeSoto and St. Pete's Beach...there's  beautiful water, sailboats, harbor, picnic areas, an observation tower, it's one of the prettiest parks we've seen in west central Florida. The park is heavily shaded with palms and other trees, so it was a very enjoyable outing. Of course, it helps that the temperature is only in the high seventies!
interesting trees!

We saw quite a few disc golfers on the course while we were out...disc golfers are a mellow is one of the holes they've made their mark on....

If you've never played this sport, give it a's really fun and a great activity to do while traveling...these courses are all over the country....This is our last day here at Fort DeSoto...we'll be leaving early Tuesday morning for Marathon, Florida in the central part of the keys. I'm really looking forward to seeing some different sights...could be quite interesting, from what I've heard!  See you on the road......


  1. Looks like lots of fun. Love the picture of you in the middle of the palms.

  2. Hi guys
    Looks like you guys are having a blast. I am so jealous but in a good way. It was great meeting you at New Years and then again at the flee market. I will be following your blog and encouraging you on and always remember about what you are doing, it's okay to misbehave and get into mischief. Go guys and have a blast.

    David VanderSchaaf

    PS: Thanks for the pictures.