Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday in Naples

Welcome to our newest followers Sandy and Dennis! We're glad to have you along for the ride! This is how we first started our traveling dream...following blogs. Eldy has read a lot more than I have...he researched and read blogs for several years to find out if this was a doable thing. We worry about the costs of fuel sometimes, but you know, we're not going to let it keep us from traveling. We will stay in parks longer, we'll plan our driving distances more carefully, and we'll look to stay under budget more times than going over a little to make up for the costs of going where we want to go. We've stayed in places for as little as 9.00 a night, we've stayed in places that are 69.00 a night, and we've stayed in places for free! (boondocking at Walmart or Cracker Barrell or other spots)...We've been on the road 8 months now, and we've seen the most amazing sights, and experienced some of the most amazing things this beautiful country of ours has to offer, and we don't regret a single moment. Yes, you have a little bit of a gasp as you fork over three hundred and fifty dollars for diesel to fill the tank at 8.9 miles to the gallon, but when you arrive at your destination, you sit tight for awhile, a LONG while so you can see all the wonderful things there are to do, new friends to meet, places to explore  and really get to know the area. We think it's worth it! Besides, we don't have electric bills, we don't have water bills, we're down to one car payment, and we're both very healthy, so it can be done if you plan your trips and budget carefully. I will say that I am the only one of this dynamic duo that still has a house, I am renting out my house to a young couple who is renting to own. We are lucky we can afford to travel because Eldy sold his house. (You'll notice I have not  repairs like you have on a house...knock on wood--you have those, too...we're still under warranty, but not much longer.)  There's just nothing like being in a beautiful setting, parked right next to pine trees or palm trees, within 100 feet of the water--lake, ocean or pool, and meeting the most wonderful people...RVers are a special group of people who make friends easily, and work to keep friendships while out on the road. Life is so short, you don't know how long you have, so we aren't going to let the cost of fuel hold us down....while we're physically able, we are going to travel!  And as Eldy says, "No matter where you are, you are home"....

We are starting to find out that people seem to get "freebies" as some of these places. We've run into two couples this week who are staying here for the entire week for FREE! One guy just got an email inviting him to come and stay. The other guy has a Monaco coach, so we think that since Monaco went out of business, the new owners are contacting Monaco owners to get them to come to this resort which was started and then left uncompleted as they went out of business. The new owners came in and completed the resort. They ARE selling lots here, but there has been zero pressure or contact for us to buy, and quite honestly, it's out of our budget range. We're just lucky to be here for awhile and that we were offered a few nights for free.  Heck, I'd workcamp here in a heartbeat to get to come back and stay for awhile in December or January. (Me, too! says E.)

Today was an easy day so to speak, every day is an easy day except when Eldy is driving long distances. We had our coach washed as we are not allowed to wash it ourselves in the park. For $80.00, Mobile Wash out of Naples, will come out with a crew and wash everything--even the generator housing unit.  They actually hand dried the coach. It had a lot of salt on it from extremely windy, stormy weather we had while close to the ocean. So it was great to get it off....the guys were all over the coach--four guys working very hard and very careful with's so clean you can see your reflection in it! I'd rather have someone come out and wash it than have us try ourselves...I worry about one of us falling off the roof! This afternoon, we went to a wonderful jazz concert at the Naples Botanical Gardens...we'll tell you and show you tomorrow....see you then....


  1. Great deal on getting the rig washed! I love bargains, especially ones that mean 'we' don't have to do the work. LOL!

  2. That is a really good deal on washing the motorhome. We paid over 100.00 to wash our fiver a couple of years ago. It was a great job, but I thought a little steep. Looking forward to pictures tomorrow.